Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Fun Without Dolls

It's been two weekends since Dollhouse closed down for November sweeps. It seems that Fox would get the same audience with fresh Dollhouse then it would with stale House and Bones reruns. Some may argue that it proves stale reruns are better than spending money on new dramas people aren't eager to see.
Of course, this would leave out one interesting fact....lack of promotion for said new drama. I still remember what ABC did to Pushing Daisies. It's easy to do when you're seeing another network do the same thing to another show.
In any case, the Friday reruns got Fox a higher audience, even more than the CW. Still, I bet the reruns got plenty of exposure thanks to Fox promotions.

Still, I am looking to an interesting start to my holiday season. I will be at the Serenity Salute, thanks to a free round trip thanks to Southwest, and a good discount staying at a Travelodge just a block away from the Marriott LAX hotel. I won't be able to squeeze in a trip to the Blank Theater to see Nick Brendon, our Xander, in a one-man holiday play. The first date I was hoping to go, the 21st, is sold out. So, I'll wait a bit longer.

What's ironic about this is that the guests are being more well-known for the shows they are doing now rather than Firefly. Morena Baccarin is now the "It" gal because she's the face of the Visitors on V 2010. Alan Tudyk is also on that show, but fans of another Whedon show are hoping he'll be back there, too. Nathan Fillion has Castle, which I am still reluctant to see just because I am still afraid it will get too Moonlighting for my tastes. Adam Baldwin will be back on Chuck, of course, and Mark Sheppard appears on lots of TV shows these days. While the classic space western is getting people to LAX in two weeks, their current jobs are also helping out with the turnout.

I am also guessing the new venue will mean a bigger room, and more people. That's why I spend the extra dough to get a reserved seat in the middle of the room. I have their autographs already, and I just want to see them in a comfortable vicinity. To see them up close and personal, there's always an extra fee.
I also hope Creation Entertainment remembers to mail my tickets to me this time. If not...again...I will have to show them my receipt.
Since I will there as a fan, not an official Whedonopolis correspondent, I will also try to get into the costume contest. I have an idea that can't possibly compete with the more expert contestants. I just hope to get in a protest for a good way.

After that, I did have plans to see a taping of Ellen Degeneres' show. That got stifled because they decided not to tape on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Thing is, I had to turn down a ticket to Conan O'Brien to see Ellen's show. I've re-applied for a ticket, but I doubt they'd give me a second chance. They might if I tried again next month. If that doesn't pan out, there is George Lopez's new show. I am sure they'll need audience members for that.
Thing is, I also found out Green Day has an outdoor concert for Carson Daly's show outside the Nokia Theater. While I REALLY like Green Day, I'll defer to the appropriate age group, namely people in the early 20's and their cool aunts and uncles who are about 15 years older.

I would consider this my last L-A visit for 2009....if not for Southwest deciding to sell $25 plane tickets to L-A. Since I am bored taking replacement holidays without a place to go, I had to go for this. Thus, I'll take a quick mid-week break early next month. I might go to Conan this time, and Bonnie Hunt (still missing from Sacramento TV). We'll see.

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