Saturday, December 23, 2017

It's The Rifftrax League Vs. Batman and Superman

It wasn't too long ago that the Rifftrax trio of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett would riff for hours against bad movies. They did their best against James Cameron extra-long blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar.

However, they're not the marathon riffers they used to be. That's why they recruited a lot of help when they decided to take on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The crew included Mike's wife Bridget, former adversaries Mary Jo Pehl, Trace Beaulieu and Frank Coniff, Sketchfest bigwigs Janey Varney and Cole Stratton, Brit riffers Ian Potter and Matthew J. Elliott, and writers Conor Lawstoka and Sean Thomason.
Or it could be the movie has too much bad for three guys to handle.

Doesn't matter, because this was one of the best riffs in years. It's also a change of pace from battling the latest Star Wars movies.
The plot, of course, is Batman and Superman having some disagreement on how to deal with the bad guys, while Earth seems to be scared of having a Man of Steel around. Add Lex Luthor as the Joker exploiting the situation, and a woman who saves the movie while the guys wonder what just happened, and you have this movie.

Each "team" takes a chunk of the movie and riffs away. Each has its own style, but Conor and Sean are just hilarious in their first movie. Unleashing them on Justice League or any B movie would be a good idea.
Also, Trace and Frank's chunk is almost like their podcast show, only with video. They're the "lucky" guys who see Batman ask Superman why he said he has to save Martha (which turns out to be the dumbest turning point in any comic book movie ever). Frank even wonders why Rifftrax hates him and Trace. Uh, you guys exposed Mike to Coleman Francis, for starters.

Anyway, let's look at the best riffs from each of the teams:
First, the Rifftrax trio's first turn

Young Bruce Wayne runs from a funeral
This must be where he's bitten by a radioactive bat

A woman says Superman caused a major disaster..."So many dead"
Santa Claus. We never should have let him down the chimney

Then Sean and Conor:

Bruce visits his parents' crypt
This is where they keep all the footage from that Nicholas Cage Superman movie

Cole and Janet:

Lex, Clark and Bruce attempt to banter
It's like if the Marx Brothers were awful

Bruce and Diana meet and talk about what he placed at Luthor's party
What's the opposite of chemistry because that's what these two have.

Matt and Ian:

Mrs.Kent to Superman:  People hate what they don't understand
Like the new Twin Peaks

They comment on how Bruce is training with tires
You can get tires delivered through Amazon Prime
I thought Wonder Woman was Amazon Prime

Bridget and Mary Jo:

Clark talks to the ghost of his dad, especially how saving his family farm seriously destroyed another nearby
Clark to Dad: Did the nightmares ever stop?
Robin Hood haunted me for years.

Lex pushes Lois Lane off a tall building. Superman saves her
I was expecting Christopher Reeve

Diana looks through the download she got from Bruce
She's googling Lynda Carter

Trace and Frank:

Batman tries to shoot Superman
Where does he get all those meaningless toys?

Then the Martha scene, where Batman yells "Why did you say that name?"
It begins with bad screen writing

Finally, the RT guys finish it off:

Superman's death scene:
I'm dying but at least I'll never have to meet Aquaman.

There's also riffs on lots of  subjects including Charlie Rose, Golden Corral (again), Steve Mnuchin, Bob's Big Boy, Casablanca, Joss Whedon, Trivago and Steve Bannon.

Actually, having a riffing "relay race" gives all the riffers a chance to shine. Maybe they can do this again when Last Jedi is likely to be released on home video next spring.
The mp3 riff of Batman v Superman is now available at the website

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Last Jedi Isn't For Every Star Wars Fan, But It's Still Very Good

The weekend has passed, and Star Wars:  The Last Jedi has been a massive hit. It's earned 241 million in the states, and half  a billion worldwide.Maybe it'll hit a billion in a month. While many have enjoyed the movie, some hard core fans were surprised or dismayed over certain things like changing what someone with the Force can do.

Well, they're wrong. They have to remember this is a new generation of Rebels, and the ones we knew before are also different because they're getting older.
On top of that, Last Jedi is different because it doesn't need the past as a guide. If we get some surprising twists which later make sense, that's a good thing.
Besides, don't be fooled by the title.

The movie itself is mainly two plots:  the Resistance try to stay literally one step ahead of the Empire, and Rey seeks out Luke Skywalker to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Finn does wake up, but in a clumsy manner, while Poe Dameron and BB8 take wild risks for the cause. Right off the bat, he goes after one of the dreadnoughts, while a girl is just able to release a lot of bombs before dying. Oscar Isaac is truly the heir apparent to Han Solo

Rey's (Daisy Ridley) storyline was more interesting because of her relationship with Luke, which starts when she returns his lightsaber and his response is unexpected,. It's clear he's not interested in training new Jedi, especially after what happened with Kylo Ren. A return to the Millennium Falcon and a vision from the past, changes his mind. He also sees Rey's  potential inside her, and that worries him because someone else had that strength.
She's also searching for info on who her parents really are, taking her to a cave that gives her a certain point of view.

The biggest surprise is that she actually talks to Ren, even light years away. This is explained, but seeing opposite sides of the Force trying to understand each other is quite a trip although it worried a lot of fans. Also, Ren doesn't have as many "tantrums" but he is trying to establish his power as the heir to Vader. Rey still thinks maybe he can be redeemed, but that is not possible. You need a bad guy for this section of the Star Wars Saga, and it's him. She still wants to try, especially when she learns what really happened the night Ren left Luke. Driver is very good as Ren, whether ruthless or quiet and calm in his efforts to win over Ren.

The efforts by the Resistance to stay alive are still interesting, though. When the Empire's fleet damages one of the ships  and puts Leia out of business for a while, she's replaced by Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern). Aside from the fact she looks like she came from The Hunger Games, Holdo seems to be a commander who's not making the right decisions (at least according to Poe). The revelation that she really knew what she was doing was a bit sudden, although telling Poe would have made it easier (another complaint, but she was trying to establish herself). Fisher does a great job in what is her swan song in the franchise. She's all business, even when she's talking to Poe. There is a scene what will shock people, but they'll be even more shocked about what she does about it.

Because Holdo wouldn't admit her real intentions, Ren and Rose decide to find a code breaker who could help them buy time and help the fleet escape the Empire ships. They have to go a planet called Canto Bright that's Evil Vegas, where the upper elite (including some weapons dealers who sell to both sides) gamble and party like crazy. They find a guy named DJ (Benecio Del Toro) and he seems helpful but he's no Lando Calrissian (or is he?).

Then there's the scene where Ren brings Rey to Snoke, and it's a battle over who controls the Force more is very tense, especially what one of them decides to do. Yet there is a moment of a possible alliance that sounds good. Then you remember who these people really are. Andy Serkis should get an award for making mo-cap characters so real, aside from his work in the Planet of the Apes series. He makes Snoke truly menacing, if he spends much of the time sitting on his throne.

There's also a major confrontation towards the end that will excite fans, and then blow them away at the end.

Last Jedi was smart not to be The Empire Strikes Back. No massive revelations, but there were several unexpected twists. It was a great sendoff for Fisher, and a big advance for Poe, Rey and Finn as they take their places are the new Heroes of the Resistance. Don't forget BB8, who was more involved in the battle with Poe that R2D2 ever was. Just remember, the round robot makes a lousy piggy bank but is a good mechanic.
Also, don't forget one more return that is sudden, but this character puts it into perspective.

While we'll have to wait two years for the final chapter (and maybe four months for Rifftrax's "response" which will include a lot of jokes about Holdo and Canto Bright), at least there's the upcoming "Solo" movie next May.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Riffing Housewives Wonder What Is Beyond Christmas

After riffing on Christmas movies with Santa Claus, the Real Housewives of Rifftrax (Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson) decide to take on a fantasy movie about three rich guys who help a young couple during Christmas....even after death.

The movie was made by RKO in 1940, and was more or less a "B" movie with people that movie fans may know. It does include Richard Carlson, aka the murderous jazz pianist from "Tormented".

Anyway, the movie is about three rich guys who toss out wallets with $10 in them, and whoever returns them can have a drink with them for Christmas. They also throw in a maid who apparently was an exiled member of Russian royalty or something.
A guy from Texas named Jimmy who can sing, and a teacher named Jean, pick up the wallets,and it's not long before they become a family.

When the old guys die in a plane crash, their ghosts reunite at their house. Jimmy and Jean learn the guys left them some bonds to secure their future.

Problem is, Jimmy meets a girl named Arlene who assists in Jimmy's singing career. He starts to ignore Jean, and it looks like Arlene will get her hooks on him.

As for the old ghosts, they're not able to find a miser to teach him the importance of Christmas or at least Mankind should be his business. They're called to Heaven, and one of them, Michael, tries to stay on Earth to help Jimmy.

Then we get the ending where Jimmy's shot by Arlene's  ex-husband, and apparently dies at the operating table. He's able to talk to Michael, who convinces his to go back to Jean. After some "divine intervention", Jimmy lives and Michael heads up the Stairway to Heaven.

The movie is really sentimental but they should have moved the scene where Jimmy and Jean get the bonds to the end, as a divine reward. Anyway, Rifftrax got this because the movie was originally colorized for Legend Films, the company's old name, more than a decade ago.

As usual, Bridget and Mary Jo have a relaxed approach to bad movies, as if they were two Midwestern moms amused by what they see. We will see if they have the same attitude towards Batman v. Superman this week.

Riff time:

Jimmy enters the old guys' apartment returning the wallet
Run! It's a fancy cannibal trap.

The ghosts of the rich guys reunite
Thanks for not turning the phone to airport mode, Steve

Something is about to happen, and Michael looks worried
When you realize you look like Porky Pig

Jean begs Jimmy to come back to her
Tom Stewart killed me, emotionally

There are also riffs on Clue, Patrick Swayze, how telegrams were old-fashioned texts, Seinfeld and TV's Frank.

Beyond Christmas is currently available on the Rifftrax website, along with other holiday shorts including new ones on an off-brand version of Frosty the Snowman and holiday traditions around the world.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

FINALLY! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Will Return On Netflix in 2018

It is almost time.

Thousands of fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 switched off their computers, streaming sticks and tablets when the annual Turkey Day Marathon ended this past Thanksgiving. They missed a Rifftrax ad and a Shout Factory ad about new MST3K swag that's now available, including JOIKE sweatshirts.

Maybe they should have stuck around a little longer. Here's why:

That's right, guys. Netflix realized there is lots of room for Shonda Rhimes, Daredevil, young Queen Elizabeth and Stranger Things...and the Satellite of Love.

So, probably after next Easter or more likely around the summer, we will know what happened after Jonah was "eaten" by the Reptilicus Metallicus at the end of "At the Earth's Core" when Max had to stop Kinga from "marrying" Jonah for ratings. It's been all but confirmed the big worm has no stomach, so Jonah will be stuck there for a while. I'd be surprised Max isn't forced to take over for Jonah for a week or two, then he tries to do the same to Kinga. Then, eventually, it'll be back to normal.

What movies will be next aren't picked yet. It's hoped we'll see Lou Ferrigno as Hercules, since Shout Factory has those movies now. However, in this interview in Brooklyn Vegan, it's unlikely Argoman will also be on the list because it's considered a "concert film" kind of movie. That means it'll be tough to turn a live show movie into a regular episode. Maybe that also explains why "World Without End" wasn't chosen for a regular episode after it was also done live.

The point is, the saga of the third test case, Jonah Heston, will continue. How what happened at the end of season eleven will affect Kinga and Max, and whether we'll get ten or 13 episodes, is still up in the air. Still, having her shove Max into the SOL seems like a natural. Then again, we'll get something else, but we'll get something.

Thanks for pushing the button, Netflix.

Monday, October 16, 2017

MST3K Redux: Hangar 18

It's been a long time since I've written a review of a Rifftrax movie, so let's take a look at this sci-fi conspiracy movie done by Rifftrax's British Invasion, Matthew J. Elliott and Ian Potter.
This was also chosen because it was one of the last movies targeted in the KTMA years, and the shortest intro Joel ever did.

First off, Elliott has written a ton of radio dramas and short stories before he got into the riffing biz. Potter is a vet of TV production for the BBC and was a curator for a media museum. How they got sucked into watching bad movies, they'd rather not say.
Their style is similar to Jonah Ray and the crew at the new MST3K, jamming in as many riffs as they can. What's great is their selection of riffs from British TV to past targets, er, movies featured on MST and Rifftrax.

So, why Hangar 18?

It's a supposed docudrama about two astronauts who witness a UFO crashing into a satellite, causing the death of a third astronaut. For some reason, the White House wants to cover this up because it's too close to an upcoming presidential election, They think no one would vote for a president who believes in UFO's, even if you also show one to the press in broad daylight.

Otherwise, it's an excuse to make a cheesy sci-fi movie that's chock full of TV actors. The cast features Darren McGavin 12 years before A Christmas Story, Gary Collins just before his talk show career started, Robert Vaughn somewhere between The Man From UNCLE and paid programming, and Pamela Bellwood a year before Dynasty. Even Phillip Abbott, best known for The FBI, is there as a general, although he's mistaken for Dr. Bellows in the KTMA version.

Even though the two versions are 28 years apart, some scenes do inspire the same response. As the space shuttle lands, and the NASA guy says "90 knots", they give the same riff, "Don Knotts" (although the Rifftrax version wraps it up nicely with "Knots Landing"). Both versions also notice the guy replacing McGavin's character looks way too much like Burt Reynolds, and the guy who witnesses the alien landing looks like John Belushi.

After that, the Rifftrax version packs in more riffs only because Joel preferred fewer riffs in the early days of MST. So, let's compare...

NASA scrambles because something's gone wrong

KTMA:  They'll never get the Disney Channel now
RT:  C'mon, guys, it's not rocket...oh, wait

The UFO kept at Hangar 18 is lit up

KTMA:  Castle Greyskull, I think
RT:  That's not the UFO. That's a Roomba

They find the dead alien pilots, as their chairs turn around

KTMA:  Uncle Fester! AHHHH!
RT:  They love my singing (The Voice)

They blow up the hangar to save the President from losing the Electoral College

KTMA:  Good thing scientists are expendable
RT:  As coverups go, this is a bit on the overt side to me.

Also, Matt and Ian came up with some doozies

They find a blonde woman inside, and the staff says she must be sent to a hospital
But enough about Courtney Love 

The two astronauts meet some guy at a rural airport
Son of Cherokee Jack, Monterey Jack

McGavin:  "The female slaves (prehistoric humans) found it a great honor to be chosen to live with and to bear the offspring of the Gods"
Their names were Ivana, Marla and Melania.

There are also riffs on David Bowie, The Grand Tour, Coronation Street, Teenage Caveman, Robert Denby, and Alan Smithee.

Matt and Ian have riffed on a lot of movies including Scared To Death and King of Kong Island. You can check them out in the "Rifftrax Presents" section of the website. They'll also be part of the dismantling of Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice later this year.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Rains of Castamere: What's So Funny, Rifftrax?

Mark Twain once said that "humor is tragedy plus time."
Could that also apply to one of the bloodiest and most pivotal episodes in the history of Game of Thrones?

Rifftrax took a brave move by riffing the famous "Rains of Castamere" episode from season three. This was where much of the Stark family was killed in an ambush after a wedding feast hosted by Walder Frey. Apparently since Robb Stark decided not to marry one of Frey's daughters after he promised he would, Frey decided to wipe out a family he doesn't like after he promised he wouldn't. Hey, fair's fair in his mind.

Who would smile or joke during a massacre like that, except the Lannisters?
Really, the only reason to smile at the end of this is the knowledge that one of the few living Starks will make sure he won't get away with it.

Aside from that, the crew of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett do a very good job mocking the subplots of the episode as well as the Red Wedding.
They especially wonder if Mike even watches the show. He insists he can hold his own, but meekly asks if Robb Stark is actually Percy Jackson. He also mistakes Samwell as Mike Meyers in a fat suit.
This is silly, of course. Mike Meyers in a fat suit is the host of The Gong Show.

The episode also looks at Arya hoping to reach the Twins and get to the event, Bran, the future Three-Eyed Crow, hanging out with some kids and Hodor, Daenerys figuring out how to take over Yunkai, and Jon Snow trying to prove himself to his fellow Wildings while spying for the Night's Watch.

Once the Rifftrax gang get to the Red Wedding, the riffs are rather grim, but doing this is still a brave move. If there's a riff that will make fans wince, it's the very last one where Bill sings a song..and it's the worst choice available.

If nothing else, it's a sign that the Rifftrax gang will have quite the time mocking "The Five Doctors" later this month, and not just because of what the Cybermen look like.

OK, riff time...

The Hound comments at Arya's refusal to kill an old man just to take his horse and cart
"You're kind. Someday that will get you killed."
Just like Mother Teresa

Bran wargs into a wolf's body
Little Orphan Annie powers, activate

Walder escorts Roslin Frey to her groom, Edmure (who's glad she's cute)
She's a living anime character

Ser Jonah exaggerates how "easy" it was to take the city
"They threw down their swords and surrendered."
And the nation of France was born

Now the Red Wedding, where Catelyn is hit by an arrow...
That's how my mother felt when I told her I was going into theater

...and Roose Bolton stabs Robb Stark
"The Lannisters send their regards."
I was hoping for an Edible Arrangement

There's also riffs on Bruno Mars, Blue Apron, American Apparel, Les Miserables, NASCAR and Bjork. Sadly, no traditional Golden Corral riff...although it would have fit perfectly in the deadly meal.

I watched this episode twice, once on the app and once with the mp3 online. As usual, the riffs don't start on the app until the dialogue does. That's why you miss a very funny argument in the opening credits over whether the gang is watching TV or HBO. That's also odd since HBO hasn't used that slogan since 2009.

Rifftrax's riff on "Rains of Castamere" is available on the Rifftrax website.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Buffy's Forgotten Anniversary

This year's San Diego Comic-Con paid tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th anniversary on TV with a big bash at a local night club that included a  former adversary (Clare Kramer), lots of pictures from the show, and "The Harvest" playing in the background.
There were also panels on how the show was designed, and a new book that will get inside how the show was made. That will be released in the fall.

However, nothing was mentioned about Buffy's other anniversary, her 25th year as the original movie. It may be due to the fact that it's not as good as the TV show, but attention should be paid. When it was released at the end of July 1992, it seemed it could appeal to some fans. Sure, the idea of a high school cheerleader being chosen to clobber vampires and assorted hellspawn may be different, and possibly weird after years of Freddy and Jason picking off teenage girls. Joss Whedon, a guy who wrote for Roseanne,  thought it would be cool if the typical victim in horror movies would become scarier than the monsters she faces. Turns out he was right.

However, it didn't turn out that way as the movie made $16 million after a seven million dollar budget, and was mainly forgotten. At least it led to something better.

I only care about this because several years ago I managed to get a baseball cap from the movie at a thrift store. After that, I got the press book, and eventually met Kristy Swanson herself at a small con in Sacramento. She was a great interview, actually.

It would have been great to have a panel at Comic-Con with both Buffys talking about how the role changed their lives. You would have needed three Hall H's for that.

YouTube actually has some videos connected with the original movie. Here's a photo shoot with the cast to plug the movie. It's a nice look behind the scenes:

or Kristy talking about the movie with Arsenio Hall

and a brief story in Entertainment Tonight.

Still, you have to admit the movie could have better, if not for Fox deciding it shouldn't be that scary if the heroine was a demon-hunting cheerleader. Joss Whedon, who wrote the movie, had a different idea with his original script which eventually was made into a comic book series with Dark Horse in 1999. For one thing, Merrick had a different explanation about why it took so long to find her, the action was much more violent, and her throwaway line about how she "blew up the gym" was explained. Fans today would have bought that.

There was also talk that maybe David Bowie or Mick Jagger would be vampires at the Spring Dance or henchmen to Lothos, but that faded quickly.

It did serve as a place where some familiar faces got their start, including Hillary Swank, Ben Affleck and Ricki Lake. Paul Reubens used it as his comeback after that arrest in an adult theater in Florida. It included that really long death scene that was a smart idea in retrospect. Luke Perry hoped it could lead him towards a film career after 90210.

It's just too bad that, in the end, the Buffy movie was an example of the "they just didn't care enough" school of cinema. There's a boom mike visible in the first few minutes, Benny the Vampire has a reflection on a window, and all the students are clueless until the last ten minutes. That's a far cry from the Buffy we know getting some Slayerettes by the second episode

If you haven't seen the original Buffy movie, it's available at Amazon as a double feature with Jennifer's Body. So is the Origin comic, although a bit pricey. It may be possible to get it cheaper at local comic book stores.

Meanwhile, the Nerdist wrote its own column on the movie on the 20th anniversary of the TV show. It gives a summary of the movie and compares it to the TV show. It also argues that it taught Joss something:  while Buffy may be the hero, she has to have some interesting supporting characters. That's a lesson he applied to his other shows. Imagine if Buffy's friends from the movie weren't so "Clueless" three years before the movie of that name. Maybe in a different universe we'd have "Daughter of Buffy" taking over where she left off...or both of them battling vampires. That would have worked, too.

In any case, happy 25th to the Buffy movie, and all who were part of it.

UPDATE:  A 25th anniversary blu-ray of the movie is coming October 3rd but it's exactly like the old blu-ray. No new features at all. They should have at least tracked down the old cast, and that's not difficult to do.
The TV show, though, will have a new set two weeks earlier with new features and commentaries. That makes sense because  it was the more popular version but the movie deserves more attention.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

MST3K Live Conquers Comic-Con

In the not too distant past, last Saturday A-D...
Mystery Science Theater 3000's live tour stopped off at the annual center of the pop culture universe known as San Diego Comic-Con. It was a big hit as both shows were slightly hotter tickets than Hall H on Marvel Day. That's pretty good, since they were competing with all the parties, screenings of Atomic Blonde, and a major Doctor Who bash.

Jonah Ray, Joel Hodgson and Felicia Day, along with lots of other cast members stopped by the Shout Factory booth to sign assorted things. Here's a look:

Clearly Jonah has a future in retail. since he accidentally sold several copies of Fargo.

As for the Saturday show, they had problems with the pre-recorded clips with Felicia and Patton Oswalt, but we could always pretend the feed from Moon 13 got scrambled a bit due to solar winds.
The live part with Synthia (Rebecca Hanson) and Terry the Bonehead worked much better.
UPDATE: Someone somehow got this recorded by iPhone or such...

Joel even appeared to announce there will be a comic book where the SOL gang will suddenly find themselves in bad comic books. They also lived up to the "Watch Out For Snakes Tour" name by shooting some really big snakes from a bazooka on some guy. At least they should have given him one to take home.

As for Netflix, still no word. That's odd, considering Comic-Con is the time for big news, like announcing certain shows will be back next year. Heck, it said all four Defenders will be back next year with new shows..and that The Punisher will even have his own show. It may be waiting until after the tour ends next month in Atlanta before we finally get the word.
Besides, Jonah didn't the end of season eleven, right? (If you don't know, that's what Netflix is for).

Also, since I had the "bronze" VIP level at a hundred bucks, I was supposed to get a VIP lanyard along with a tote bag and poster. Well, no lanyard, but I did get this...

May not be able to wear it, but it's a good consolation prize.
As for the souvenir stand, the snakes were pricey, but the t-shirts were reasonably priced along with the mugs and even pins. Chances are the choices will be different depending on the city. They also have a very nice photo book of the cast behind the scenes. Considering the tour is in its third week, it's impressive they got it out so quick.

So, what was the not-Eegah movie like?
Since the movie will be shown a few more times, we'll keep it vague. Let's say it involves a lot of Swinging Sixties stuff, constant changing of robes, and a completely stupid "plot". Oh, and it was interrupted a couple of times by a "Watch Out For Snakes" warning...but not long enough. We'll actually name the "movie" once the tour is done in a month. It's safe to say it's bound to appear in season 12.
The live segments were great, including a fashion show that even used Synthia and Terry quite well (this is not from San Diego, but this is what happened).

Maybe those two will turn on Kinga, or convince her there's a better way to make the experiment her cash cow....just as long as they don't use the word "Rifftrax".
Not only that, the Shout Factory booth showed trailers of upcoming movies the company will be selling soon. Two of them are Hercules movies with Lou Ferrigno. The first one, judging from this trailer, has got to be a guaranteed choice for season 12.

The live tour should be a success, but it should convince Netflix to give the Satellite of Love more episodes. After all, shouldn't Luke Cage, President Underwood or young Queen Elizabeth have a good laugh? MST3K would give them that.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

At Last....A New ICWXP DVD, Four Years In The Making

It's been more than four years since Rick Wolf and his robot friends TopsyBot, Johnny Cylon and Flux  Namtari battled a zombie apocalypse and a bigger threat...bad movies.

It was expected that "Bad Guys Wear #000000" would be done a whole lot sooner, but it was explained in an insert in the DVD that technical problems and lost footage caused a LOT of delays.
Finally, though, the DVD was sent out to fans this month. Aside from the main plot where Rikk and the boys are now dealing with computer problems and a new zombie religion, it also faces two shorts (including one familiar to Rifftrax fans).

The host segments, which run for more than hour, may seem to be tedious to those who come for the riffed shorts. However, ICWXP tries to be different with a major arc about Rikk and the boys hoping to get out of the Cine-A-Sorrow Theater, where they've been trapped to protect themselves from the zombie hordes. Sure, there seems to be "news" there are safe sections including downtown Kansas City, but they won't know until they get out.

However, they have to deal with the Order of Mortuus, led by some guy who thinks the zombies are the future and should be worshiped. They also have ninjas that teleport  but that's about it. Rick is told via their mysterious Ludovico informant they have to get to the basement of the theater to escape, but first they have to get around a force field installed by the Order.
There's also those two henchmen from Ludovico, Berkin and Spencer, following the gang. They're not in good shape, since one of them thinks he sees the Crimson Executioner from Bloody Pit of Horror and has to grease him up. Ewwwww.

It would have been a good idea to trim about ten or 15 minutes from the host segments, but the story is still pretty interesting. At least they have more to worry about than lousy short films. Much of the delay is due to the extensive special effects, especially how the scene changes to a 16-bit video game to show how Rick escapes. The new MST3K only wishes it was this fancy, and might be once a new season is approved.

Speaking of which, the influence of MST is strong with the show. When Rick snoozes, it's to the sound of Joel Hodtriani playing "Tublar Booblar Joy" from his album, Idiot Control. Also, one of the zombies is a former CORPS solider named Corbett, and someone says "let me be Frank about Frank".

So, what about the riffs? The first short is "Safety: In Danger Out of Doors", featuring Safety Woman, This is already available on Rifftrax, and it shows the world's only Super Traffic Guard saving two dumb kids from a boating accident and a girl from being hit by a van. The style of the riffs is a bit sharper than Rifftrax. For example:

We get the origin story about how a free-lance architect gets super powers
She was bitten by a radioactive stop sign

From her house, she hears the kids calling for help
By the power of Numbskull

The second short is interesting. It's called "Linda's Film on Menstruation", which features two teenagers discussing what happens when a girl gets her first period. The boy is a dope about it, of course, There's also strange animation that attempts to explain menstruation, not to mention interviews with women who talk about it, too. The weirdest parts include a doctor who talks about a bowling alley, and a girl who dreams of a game show that talks about why getting periods freaks out men.
The gang also deal with those old pre-movie and intermission ads for popcorn and drinks...and even a cold pickle that'll never replace M&M's. There's even a couple of car ads from the '60s.

Not enough? How about this:  the boy in the short is played by Johnathan Banks of Breaking Bad. He actually talked about this with Conan O'Brien a couple of years ago.

The DVD also has nice extras including a riffed short from Josh Way's Fun With Shorts, Flux meeting fans at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, a special video from Patreon, and even a special motion comic from Sugar Ray Dodge.

It's great to see the ICWXP crew back in action. However, creator Rikk Wolf says they're taking a break. Hopefully, they will get to the second season finale eventually. Massive sales should help, so here's a link to the show.

They're taking a break for now, but let's hope Rikk will get one more episode done. ICWXP is one of the best successors to MST3K out there, and it should be supported.
Who knows, maybe Rikk can get a new job:  head of security at Moon 13 and possible future boy toy for Kinga Forrester. That'll thrill Max to no end (if Max is still around, that is)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Surf's...uh Shorts Up As Rifftrax Live Does Summer

It wasn't exactly a Catalina Caper, but Rifftrax Live had some fun under the sun (or at least indoors) by riffing on a new set of shorts this past week in Nashville, TN,

It wasn't quite as star-studded as last June's reunion, but at least the original Mads (Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff) came. Also Paul F. Tompkins showed up as the ultimate Boatnik and the Real Housewives of Rifftrax, Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl (with really short hair), also made it.
As far as the subject matter, the shorts attempt to educate, but in weird ways. "Sentinels for Security", for example, starts with the Armed Forces, a cop and a fireman outside a house, hoping to protect the homeowner from himself. That's followed by people hurting themselves and blowing up their homes.

Then there's "Ricky Raccoon Shows The Day", where a family who just bought a house learns a really big bear-like raccoon is included.

He then gives lessons in traffic safety that even make mom and dad dance. Sometimes he pops in and out in strange places. The Rifftraxers can only say "This new It movie is terrifying".
For the record, I'll choose one riff from each of the shorts.

Anyway, the Mads look at Office Etiquette, where a young girl has her first office job. A lot of their comments were at how the job could be a drudge, but were stunned to see a female worker snacking while working: "What is this job doing to you? That's an eraser."

Then came the short of the night: "Rhythmic Ball Skills". It features kids dropping and catching balls sitting, standing, spinning and even under the leg. It's the exercise version of Setting Up A Room.

Or, as Bill put it, "After this, Michelle Obama came out in favor of childhood obesity." At least "Perc! Pop! Sprinkle!" was about something and had better music.

Mary Jo and Bridget took on "The Griper", one of those Centron shorts that Josh Way usually mocks. It's about a conscience who complains about a teen who really complains. Of course, he learned it from his family. It's rather odd this grumpy teen literally affects everything in his high school, or a literal Girl Next Door tries to set him straight. The girls have some bright and snarky comments about the teen, especially when he ruins English class by preventing everyone from acting out scenes from Hedwig and the Angry Inch (according to them).

That was followed by "A Touch of Magic" that features the return of Nuveena and the Weird Masked Guy from "Design for Dreaming." Of course, it's a General Motors short plugging their new cars for 1961. The cars move forward on a carpet of white balloons, or as Paul puts it, "Time to take out our shown enemy, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.". The couple also have a housewarming party with invisible guests, and load the Frigidaire dishwasher by throwing dishes at it. Weird,

The final short, "The Baggs," was the strangest of all.

It's what would happen if Santa Claus turned into a junk collector, and he picks up two burlap bags that come to life, run around, and finally rows away into the sunset. Best riff: "The two dancers inside the bag are nude, and one of them is Lena Dunham." If you listen real close, they seem to diss a show that ran for nine seasons but later found its way to Netflix. Sound familiar?

There was also a clip reel of the best moments from all 300+ shorts. Naturally shorts like "Shake Hands With Danger" and "Mr. B Natural" were included, along with Norman Krasner's Living Hell. Too bad they left out "Live and Learn", "Drugs Are Like That" and "Measuring Man", but they should be seen to be believed.

It was a fine evening of weird shorts, and a nice set-up to the big summer event, "The Five Doctors", coming in August. So far, we know from Nerdist the old Cybermen costumes were Jiffy Pop with legs. That might be considered "mercy".

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman is the Super-Heroine Movie Marvel Should Have Made Years Ago

When the best thing about Batman v Superman was a powerful woman who comes two hours into the movie and puzzles the two main heroes, it's a sign that finally a good movie about Wonder Woman can be made.

The only question is...can it? Is Gal Gadot, former Miss Israel who appeared in a few Fast and Furious movies, the heir apparent to Lynda Carter? Can a woman direct this project, even if she directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar? Can Chris Pine be a less cheesy Steve Trevor? Most importantly, can it be a good DC movie after the scars left from Suicide Squad?

By Hera, they did.

The best idea was to make a solid origin story, framed by a picture that was part of BvS. It has Diana Prince (of Themyscira), Steve, and two other people somewhere in the First World War in the fall of 1918. Bruce Wayne discovered it, and wondered how Diana could be there. He finds the original glass negative and sends it to her in Paris. He includes a note hoping she'd tell him someday.

Well, he could see this movie and find out. It tells about her early days, her training, her first meeting with Steve when he crashes off the island in a plane followed by a bunch of surprised Germans, and her decision to find Ares  in order to end the war.
It's more than just an origin story. It's how a "sheltered" princess grows up when she learns the world is much bigger than her home, and what she knows may not be the whole truth.
Oh, and she's a brilliant fighter who can face down a German battalion, toss a tank (!), and use a rope as a very deadly weapon.

The toughest part is how to bring Wonder Woman to life. Gadot portrays Diana as someone who may be on Earth but is certainly from another world. She believes in strength and power, being a warrior who can fight when she must. When she leaves her home, she is puzzled by clothes that are too tight to let her fight. She's also horrified by the sights of war and how they affect people. She thinks it's the work of Ares, the God of War, corrupting the Germans who want an eternal war. She'll learn, though, that's it's a bit more complex than that.
She is still someone who has a mission and will see it through. When she and Steve are surrounded by German spies, she stops a bullet aimed at him. He's stunned but he'll go with it. He already knows how good she is as a fighter.  It also means her disguise with glasses is blown, but it doesn't work with her anyway.
The best part is when she crosses No Man's Land, and plows through the Germans with some help from Steve. She also makes quick work of other soldiers at a small town. That section has inspired a lot of fans, and may be a turning point in the DC Verse. We'll know for sure in five months.
Then there's the look on her face when the town she saved gets gassed, and that Steve doesn't believe in Ares. She wonders if anyone is aware what's happening, but she can get confused, too. Gadot is flat out the best super-hero debut since Chris Evans as Captain America and (yes) Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Chris Pine also does a great job playing Steve Trevor as a spy with scruples. He's wise not to take advantage of Diana, but he's also helping in guiding her through an alien world that's basically our world. They also have great chemistry together, even talking about things like how Diana was born without a father (even though she knows how it's usually done), why people need watches, and whether Ares is real, He's also pretty good at espionage, especially when he does some small talk with Dr. Maru (Elena Anaya), who's come up with the most poisonous gas ever. She's as deadly as she looks, with a face mask that hides the sacrifices she made for bio-warfare.

The big bad seems to be a German general called Ludendorff (Danny Huston), who wants Maru (aka Dr. Poison) to come up with a weapon that will turn the tide for his country. She's already come up with something he sniffs that's more powerful than a warehouse of  Red Bull.

In the end, Diana is right. Ares is to blame...but whose face the god uses actually makes a lot of sense. It leads to an intense battle that's also typical in these movies, While Ares says mankind isn't worth protecting, someone's sacrifice convinces Diana that it is.
While the Ares reveal is a bit surprising, it would have been better if the real face of Ares was different than the one he used.

Another good thing about this movie is that it can stand on its own. It's not the "first chapter of Justice League" that BvS was, or a jumbled mess with the wrong big bad that Suicide Squad was. This was one hero's story all by itself. Maybe that's why Warner Brothers decided not to add a post-credit scene to tease people about Justice League in the fall.  It would have taken a bit away from her.

Oh, and let's talk about Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, who is Steve's secretary. She's clearly the typical post-Victorian woman but really likes Diana and how she carries herself. Let's hope Etta had great-grandkids, and one of them meets Diana in Justice League or Wonder Woman 2.

The latest word is that Wonder Woman could hit 100 million bucks in its first weekend, despite possible competition from another super-hero, Captain Underpants. It'll get more stiff when The Mummy (who is a woman and even scarier this time around) opens on Friday, followed by Cars 3 on the 16th.
If Wonder Woman can hold her own this month, she can make history. Marvel may have to decide how to match this quick instead of waiting for Captain Marvel in 2019. Maybe season three of Agent Carter at least, along with lots more Jessica Jones after Defenders?
UPDATE:  For obvious reasons, Wonder Woman 2 will happn, according to Comic Book Resources. Gadot and director Patty Jenkins will be back, just as soon as WB gives permission (before or after a massive march of Dianas?). Still want to see Etta's descendant in a cool job.

P.S. Some fans are surprised Diana was brought to life by Zeus, which was done as part of "the New 52", than the original version. Wanna bet if Diana was born thanks to two goddesses a certain news network will be upset, along with the fact she's not American enough?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rifftrax Goes Rogue With Latest Star Wars Riff

Over the years, Rifftrax has taken on the most popular...and franchises around.
It may respect (sort of) Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but also has some darts for Twilight and Transformers...and Wings Hauser.

The Star Wars saga gets some respect, but not so much the prequels. It would be inevitable that Rogue One would be next on Rifftrax's list. Even fans wondered if the franchise could have a movie that doesn't have a Jedi or even R2-D2 at the center of things, but you could still throw in Darth Vader. Some also thought it was annoying another girl gets to be the hero.
The movie did do well with the story of Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and K-2S0 hoping to stop the creation of the Death Star. Having Tarkin and the young Princess Leia recreated by CGI didn't hurt,either (even though one was better than the other).

The Rifftrax trio of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett came up with a good mix of riffs poking fun at the franchise and movies in general. Who would have expected them to throw in a riff on John Ford and two on a classic campus comedy? They also made a lot of interesting comments on the new droid, K-2S0.

Here are some other examples:

The movie doesn't start like all the others
Where's the music and the massive wall of text? I TRUSTED YOU!

Galen:  You're confusing peace with terror
Krennic:  You've got to start somewhere
Honest tag line for The Phantom Menace

K-2S0:  Why does she have a blaster and I don't?
Asimov's fourth law of robotics:  Tattle like a bitchy kid brother

Saw:  Did you come to kill me?
That's why I say to scare Girl Scouts off my front porch

Darth Vader talks to Krennic
This better be good. Draining that goo tube ain't cheap.

There's also riffs on Princess Bride (guess why), Avatar, Fraggle Rock, Frankie Avalon, Enya, Garden State, and The Terminator.

The riff is available at the Rifftrax website

Friday, April 28, 2017

MST3K Redux: What Would Women Think Of Angels' Revenge?

When Mike Nelson and his MST3K crew mocked Angels' Revenge, which was Charlie's Angels disguised as The Dirty Dozen, they emphasized the absurdity of these women thinking they can bring down a drug ring through physical means (mainly through their cleavage and fighting in bikinis). They also talked a lot about how familiar faces had to do this movie to keep their flagging careers going, including Alan Hale Jr., Arthur Godfrey, Peter Lawford, and future Oscar winner Jack Palance.

When the Riffing Housewives, Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson, took this on, they just showed what they think such women would be concerned about while battling the drug dealers. Otherwise, it's a brutal pummeling on an example of "jiggle TV" as a movie. As Mary Jo asks at one point, "Are 90% of all Hollywood movies written by eleven year old boys?" She thinks that's how this movie was made. It's no coincidence all the male actors were in the credits before the women with the bigger roles were mentioned.

The story is about Michelle Wilson, a popular singer who learns her brother was beaten up by a drug pusher who got him hooked. She teams up with April, his teacher, who has a plan to destroy a processing plant outside of Los Angeles. The teacher uses the singer's fame to get the crew she needs, filled with expertise and breasts.
Mary Jo doubts the wisdom of this:  "You need a hit song to call the cops?"
Be grateful Ocean's 8 will have better actresses and writing, but then upset most men will see no difference between that and this movie.

What's interesting about this version is that it includes 15 minutes that was cut by MST for time and maybe dignity. There's a montage of the girls "training," but it's shown in three separate boxes, Once the girls pose in their mostly white jump suits, Bridget asks, "So what are they supposed to do after Labor Day?" For those who don't get that, just Google "wearing white clothes after Labor Day".

Another section that wasn't shown on MST is where Elaine, the cop, reported to her boss (Neville Brand) about the girls. The first scene is OK, but the second featured two of the girls giving him the drugs they seized still wearing bikinis. It's not exactly undercover work, but it's supposed to appeal to the men with eleven-year-old brains who wanted this movie.
Also, remember the scene where the girls bathe in their underwear after they blow up the plant? MST also cut away after that, but Rifftrax revealed the girls were held at gunpoint by some goons until April saves them thanks to a nearby helmet.

Now let's compare riffs. In some cases, the guys are meaner. In others, the girls are

Michelle's rear end is shown from above as she's climbing a ladder
MST:  Hey, you're giving away the plot
RT:  Spanx for the view

April and Keiko approach the drug processing camp
MST:  They're attacking a Klingon language camp
RT:  I didn't know they had auto shop in colonial Williamsburg

April:  "Women can make a difference"
RT:  If properly trained
MST:  The director wrote that so he could get laid

April slams her fist on a table
RT:  Meanwhile, Sally Hansen plots revenge
MST:  We will, like, bury you
(Combine them both, and it's a superior riff)

At a foggy beach, the girls meet one of the drug ring's goons and talks to Terry, an African-American stunt woman:  "Do you play basketball?"
MST:  This is offending one-celled animals
RT:  Sexist, racist, height-ist, AND NOT FUNNY

The girls bathe under a waterfall after blowing up the plant
MST:  And now, ladies and gentlemen, the reason this movie was made
RT:  Behold the waterfall of men's tears

The girls did recycle  two riffs from the original version, Those who saw both know which ones. There were also riffs on Rose Kennedy, La-La Land, Chevy Chase and the J. Geils Band.

You can get Angels Revenge at Rifftrax's website, and volume 2 of MST3K DVD set re-issued by Shout Factory.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MST3K Redux: The Magic Sword

Recently, Rifftrax allowed Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson to re-riff Angels' Revenge, a Charlie's Angels/Wild Bunch/anti-drug PSA knockoff that was also known as the last MST3K episode Comedy Central ever showed. Very soon, it will also take another look at Final Justice with Joe Don Baker. .

Two years ago, though, Rifftrax reriffed The Magic Sword, an MST episode from 1992. It was made by Bert I.Gordon, and includes his trademark "special" effects. It featured Gary Lockwood as the adopted son of a witch and Basil Rathbone as an actor who had to appear in movies like these to pay for expensive parties thrown by his wife, Actually he's a cruel sorcerer who really needed a good wardrobe.

Anyway, George falls for a princess he's been stalking through magic pools. She's grabbed by Lodac (Rathbone), who wants to feed her to his dragon. George wants to save her, but his adopted mom says he shouldn't bother because he's so young at 20. He takes some magic gifts he was supposed to get when he's 21, and he's on his way.
He's got a rival in Sir Barton, who's actually in league with Lodac. Barton expects to get the princess thanks to Lodac, but that doesn't work out. Of course, George wins in the end, and gets the princess.

I saw both versions, and it looks like Rifftrax's approach was better than the MST version. The jokes were more sharp, and they didn't give Gordon an inch. Also, the Rifftrax version has the entire movie while MST had to cut for time.

Let's compare riffs:

George spies on Princess Helene thanks to a magic pool

MST:  Gidget goes to the Renaissance Festival
RT:  He's using a pool to watch a woman bathe without her knowledge. So I assume this guy's the villain?

George defeats an ogre by making it dizzy

MST: Chest Hair Club For Men
RT:  He's the type of guy who would throw up on a ferris wheel

Sybil, George's adopted mom, finally escapes after George traps her so he can rescue Helene

MST:  Tonight on Tales From Lucy's Crypt
RT: Septic Tank ruptured and it spawned Carrot Top

Lodac is finally killed

MST:  Oh, goodness gracious, I'm dead
RT: He died as he lived, wearing a lady fortune teller costume.

Rifftrax's version also had riffs on Rod Stewart, Game of Thrones, Safety Woman and Road House.

You can take your choice of either version of The Magic Sword at Rifftrax or Shout Factory. Very soon, we'll compare both versions of Angels' Revenge. The MST version was riffed by some guy, while the Rifftrax version was mocked by his wife and her friend.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kung-FOOEY! Rifftrax Opens Year With Samurai Cop

If Rifftrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 has taught us anything, it's that the world's supply of bad movies is more eternal than oil, natural gas or reality shows.

A prime example is Samurai Cop, where a San Diego cop who's an alleged samurai but is more like a Disneyland version of Tarzan battles an evil Japanese gang. He even makes time with a restaurant owner, and is pleased his hair's better than hers.

It's also the first live show for Rifftrax's new season. The riffs are almost exactly like the VOD version, but they edited it twice and actually made it a bit more bearable.
A murder scene that accidentally included a bare breast was taken out, along with a scene where Yamashita (Robert Z'Dar) tried to force a female cop to tell him where Samurai Cop lived. His method? Boiling oil from a frying pan.
These were wise moves because the original version has more sex and maybe a rape scene.  If only they edited out Matt Hatton, who is just terrible as the samurai cop.
But then that's the point.

As a live show, though, it was great, especially for those who never saw the VOD version. I did a couple of days before, and could tell where they changed the riffs. What really made the show enjoyable was the ending theme song that Kevin Murphy made. Fans should stay through the credits for that, and the massive number of people who wore their MST3K revival shirts. Some guy even brought his Tom Servo with the cop's hair.

OK, here's the riffs

Yamashita beheads a possible witness by sneaking into the hospital (and wait'll you see how)

Original:  OK, that guy's head was the first item in our scavenger hunt
Live:  Just get a rear view window, please

"What's an all-American girl like you doing with a geek like this?"
Original:  So racist
Live:  Head-cutting Yakusa bosses, geeks.

Here's a riff I missed the first time:
"I can read eyes"
but that's the only letter I know.

They also added riffs on New Kids on the Block, Road House, and United Airlines.

There was a  short before the main movie called Manners in School. It's about an Our Gang character who is upset with having to skip recess to clean the blackboards. He draws a stick-figure guy, who winds up setting the kid straight even at the threat of being erased.

By the way, they also showed the Netflix MST3K trailer to remind people a new era is coming. Kevin and Bill, though, didn't talk about their return as Bobo and Observer. It would have been great, though.

The next live show will be in June, where they'll look at several cheesy shorts. It will include the Mads along with Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl, and some secret guests. Maybe one of them will be wearing a jump suit.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Live From Netflix: The Return of Tom Servo and Crow

When fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 got word that Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, the mechanical heirs to Siskel and Ebert's balcony, would have a live press conference to plug the return of the show on Netflix next week, there was a lot of anticipation. They even asked fans for questions that they might answer. Their first official appearance occured this past Wednesday from Netflix's offices just south of San Jose.

The bots were about half an hour late, due to last-minute negotiations over why they should show up. Then again, maybe Kinga Forrester was trying to stop the live feed because SHE should be first, not these guys. Outside of the Netflix trailer, she hasn't even been seen, not even planning to crash Rifftrax's live show next week. It would be a good idea, just saying.
Anywho, before the bots returned, there was this guy:

This little guy is known as Waverly, who could be the spokesbot for Kinga or the SOL. We should know more soon. He looks like a Cyclops parrot.
Then, the bots arrived singing their planned theme song for "Earth vs. Soup". They're now voiced by Hampton Yount (Crow) and Baron Vaughn (Servo). At first voice, they sound just like they did in the Comedy Central years, especially Crow. Servo, though, has more of a "lounge lizard" style of talking, somewhere between the J. Elvis Weinstein and Kevin Murphy voices.

Still, it's them, after some long-overdue upgrading (especially their arms). They started off wondering why Mark Zuckerberg wasn't moderating the event ("What the Zuck?"). They also complained about "bot-washing" where movie studios use American robots rather than Chinese robots to match the source material. Sound familiar? They also think it was offensive that there was a guy inside C-3PO in those Star Wars movies. Crow and Servo would never allow human parts inside them, which is technically true.
As for "Earth vs. Soup", it may not be funded by Kickstarter, but they're confident it'll get done once Soup signs on, and they get the perfect actor to eat that soup. On the other hand, they think school is bad, and you get a better education from Pod People or I Accuse My Parents. Maybe they'll prove that when they deal with life in general.

So what about the Humans who have seen the movies with the bots? Joel was considered the "God-creator", and Mike the "quarterback-older brother" who had the right thing to say. That latter comment may be surprising considering they played a lot of pranks on him, especially the SyFy era. Either they missed him or they hope to sneak into Rifftrax in case things go wrong.
As for Jonah, he's "more of a podcast guy", which is true since he did work for the Nerdist. They do complain he changes sheets too often and moans while he sleeps. Otherwise, it seems the bots accept him now, since this took place after the first season was done.

They also talked about Joe Don Baker movies, Servo teaching riffing, Crow heckling movies in his mind, their many "puberties" and if a big Servo is worse than a thousand small Crows.

They're back. We can really just relax. So, come on out, Kinga, and threaten us with your plans for money-making evil, if you dare (at least bringing back the show is more than your ancestors ever did).
(NOTE:  Of course, I know Felicia's busy with her new kid and other things, but it would be great to see Felicia as Kinga in some way, including Facebook Live. Let's hope it's soon)
The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 arrives on April 14 with 14 episodes. Some backers will get the first episode early.

Monday, March 27, 2017

A New Record For Rifftrax Kickstarter, And The Secret Show IS.....

Well, they almost made it, but George Bailey is still safe.

The annual Kickstarter campaign by Rifftrax collected $430, 620 from more than 8600 backers. That's a new record for both, but some fans were hoping to hit nine thousand backers to get the next Star Wars movie riffed and ten thousand to finally take on It's A Wonderful Life. Considering the holiday movie has been a steady source of riffs from MST3K and Rifftrax over the years, people were really hoping the holiday classic will finally get the treatment. The Last Jedi may wind up being riffed anyway next year if Rogue One is still on the list of possible future riffs, but It's A Wonderful Life will stay a dream target for now.

Still, backers, even those who paid a buck, will get a nice bargain. Everyone will get ten shorts, and riffs on Batman V. Superman (just in time for Wonder Woman), Mothra, and the first episode of Westworld. The BvS riff will involve everyone who has ever riffed, kind of like a 40x4000 meter relay race. Considering how tragically bad this movie is as a missed opportunity (except you, Diana), it could be too much for three people anyway.
Others who gave 75 bucks will get "The Rains of Castamere" from Game of Thrones (now THAT is a challenge to riff) and Final Justice Redux (or the first time a SyFy-era episode of MST3K is re-riffed), while 100 dollar backers will get DVDs of the June live show and the best of the Riffing Housewives, Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl.

The only question is what will be the "target" for the August 17th show. Some Facebook fans have unearthed the name thanks to a movie theater and Fandango jumping the gun. In the special countdown show, the gang hinted it could be Ice Castles and La-La-Land (the latter very unlikely).

Actually, the movie will be.....

Remember when this was once considered a major PBS event? The TARDIS upgrade? Tegan's new look after a year in a stewardess uniform? Seeing a new guy be the original Doctor, #2 in color, and some companions we've never even met?


Well, somehow Rifftrax used its connections with Fathom Events and BBC America to pull off this miracle after riffing on the two Peter Cushing movies, where the TARDIS looks like the basement of a Hewlett Packard building.
Not here, though. This must have been in the works for some time, because look where they make the big announcement....

For those who don't remember the story, "The Five Doctors" involves someone on Gallifrey grabbing the Doctor in all of his incarnations. They're all guided into something called "The Death Zone", where they figure out the main bad guy wants something very special from there. Thing is, the Master is not behind this for once, because the Time Lord Council asks for his help.

If you clicked the link, you'd know they had to rewrite the plot because Tom Baker, #4, decided not to be part of it. Technically, he is, thanks to use of footage of the famous unfinished episode, "Shada". The story is actually the first time people have seen certain characters from the show. Back in 1983, the Doctor had been a staple of PBS programming for ten years or so. Showing the episodes before Baker became #4 was still a rare treat for some stations. It was the first time for many to see Jamie and Zoe from the late 1960's or Liz Shaw, the Companion before Jo Grant. It was also a rare chance to see #2, Patrick Troughton, in color. That hadn't happened since "The Three Doctors".

When it was shown, this was considered to be a big deal, and was used as a pledge break feature. It's available on DVD, but in an interesting way. The 2008 DVD version has the original cut plus an upgraded version. As for me, I have the "special edition" and the broadcast version back when KTEH in San Jose was Who Central for me. (Update:  After that KTEH DVD no longer worked because of age, I got a newer version of "Five Doctors" which has lots more extras).

Now, it's going to be mocked  by three old fans.
Couldn't they have mocked "The Gunfughters"? Now THAT episode stunk on ice.
Well, it should be interesting to get Peter Davison's response to all this.

All we can do is quote the Doctor's farewell message to Susan in "Dalek Invasion of Earth" that was used to start the show:  "One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all you beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."
If that's the First Doctor's message to what Rifftrax will do this summer, it's a lot better to what he thinks about his next two forms ("a dandy and a clown").

If nothing else, pulling this off proves Rifftrax has more than earned the right to go after sparkly vampires someday.

Monday, February 27, 2017

MST3K Fan Fiction: What If Buffy Riffed On "Buffy"?

The 20th anniversary of the TV version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is upon us, and already people are celebrating it in very interesting ways.
There was a recent post in Bustle that shows how four authors would write books with Buffy, Angel, Xander, Willow and all the Slayerettes. Thing is, they are summaries of what happened on the show rather than how these writers would recreate specific scenes. For example, how would George R.R. Martin write about the climactic scene in "Prophecy Girl" where Buffy is brought back from the dead? Jon Snow would have nothing on her.
Someone did find a post where Ayn Rand wrote a Buffy episode. At least that was funny and a better example. Then there was video in YouTube where someone merges Hamilton with Buffy. It was taped last fall, but it's also a great example of recreating her in other ways.
We also know if a Buffy reunion ever happened, David Boreanaz wouldn't be in it mainly because he's not a fan of reunions.

However, there's a better idea:
in 2006, someone thought it would be cool to write a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode five years after SyFy cancelled it.
So? The movie Mike and the bots are seeing is none other than Serenity. Here’s the link to the webpage.
What if somehow Jonah and the updated bots got their hands on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...thanks to the TV Buffy we all know?
Considering Dark Horse may start producing MST3K comics along with Buffy and Angel, it would be the ultimate crossover, and might find its way in comic book form if not on Netflix. The movie hasn’t been on TV lately, and was once used as filling for HBO and Sundance, so it’s a 3% chance it could happen for real. It's very certain the new MST3K won’t be like this (especially since it seems the Mads' new lair is on the Moon according to the latest trailer), but again it’s my version.
By the way, I’ll take certain scenes from the movie, not the whole script.

The episode takes place two years after the events that wrapped up the Kickstarter season. Jonah, the riffer who lived, welcomes the viewers to the Satellite of Love and explains, for some unusual reasons, the satellite is back on Earth at the Gizmonic complex for needed repairs, and some things Kinga wants Jonah to handle in an area known as “Deepest 13”. (Let's just say Kinga and Gizmonics made a deal after something happened that involved "deep hurting"). He also says she told him they’re surrounded by 500 ninjas, ready to kill if Jonah tries to escape. He doesn’t believe it, but Crow and Servo make a break for it. They see what they think is a ninja and get scared, but it turns out to be a bush...that later walks away.

Kinga gets on the horn, and tells Jonah to go to Deepest 13 and add wi-fi to make it easier to make cell phone calls. He wonders whether these jobs are necessary, or if she's making him think being trapped in space is better. She says she doesn't care because she's the boss, and brags about sleeping on two beds of money ("Take that, Don Draper!"). He also says there are feral Mole People who have eaten her employees. “Hey,” Kinga says, “they weren’t eaten. Maybe they were nibbled on just a bit...or maybe they decided to join the Mole People considering the recent election and..”
“Sorry, Kinga,” Max (aka TV’s Son of TV’s Frank) interrupts. “Someone’s fighting the 500 ninjas and beating them. Not only that, some of them are asking for her autograph."

"HER?", Kinga barks. "If it's who I think it is, we may be in big trouble. Let's get to the ship, Max."
Jonah and the bots see what happening.  Two people head towards the ship, and they happen to be Xander and Willow. They tell Jonah to relax, because their friend will be coming to ask for a favor.
Of course, it’s Buffy.

She wants to make a special request, then Kinga arrives and demands what’s the meaning of this. One look at Buffy, though, and she backs off. Buffy apologizes, but she thinks that if Rifftrax won’t riff this movie, she wants MST to do it. She hands the DVD to Jonah, and he reads the title. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer...not you, right?", he says
Crow asks if it’s because the original Buffy likes Donald Trump. TV Buffy says Kristy (Swanson) is entitled to her opinions which should be respected. She thinks that after all these years, despite doing well in that EW Super Heroes poll, a lot of people still think the idea of a teenage girl as a heroine is just silly.
“Or a female hero, period?”, Crow asks

"Hey," Willow says. "The latest Star Wars movies have settled that question, along with Agents of SHIELD, The Hunger Games,Wonder Woman, Black Panther, the WB...."
"You mean the CW?", Crow asks.
"Well, old habits die hard," Willow says. "Oh, and I do have powers which I won't use right now." "Yeah," Crow says, "Are you suuuuuuure? (as she levitates him)". Buffy says she and her friends always wanted to see how the MST crew would “deal” with this movie that's not really about her. "Besides," she adds, "we have one thing in common: Dark Horse. Maybe there will be a comic book about this."

Kinga’s bothered by this, but she won’t challenge Buffy because of reasons she’d rather not mention.  She does accuse Buffy of wanting to mock the movie because it somehow led to her being the Slayer. Buffy says it wouldn't surprise her if Kinga is right, but she still wants to do it. Kinga dares Buffy and her friends to riff on the first reel. They look stunned and worried, and accuse her of planning to make money out of this. She says, “What’s your point? How much do you want this?”
Their answer: “When do we start?”
“That much, huh?”
"Have you met her?", Xander asks.
"I know enough," Kinga says, "and I'm not really surprised by this."

20th Century Fox fanfare
Xander: 20th Century Fox. Star Wars isn’t everything. Really.

Willow: If Fox merges with Disney, do we get free passes to Disneyland? Buffy: We should at least be featured at California Adventure. OK, here we go.... “Since the dawn of man…”
Buffy:  or about 25 years ago

She who bears the birthmark, the mark of the coven
Buffy:  That’s not where my birthmark is
Trained by the Watcher, one Slayer dies and the next is chosen.
Willow: Well, I changed that
Olde Slayer: And I shall be His sword

Olde Watcher: Let Satan Tremble, the Slayer is born
Xander:  So sayeth Lord John Fever!

Buffy riff 17.jpg

Buffy:  Well, we’ll see about that.

Luke Perry's name shows up in credits.
Xander:  90210's bad boy, now Archie's dad on Riverdale
Willow:  God, we're old, as Joel once said.

Movie Buffy looks at her basketball star boyfriend, Jeffrey
Xander:  Low-rent Christian Laettner.

The basketball coach tries to inspire the team
Xander:  Why is Schemer from Shining Time Station coaching?
Willow: Maybe he's betting on the other team.
Buffy:  Schemer!!

“Written by Joss Whedon”
Buffy:  Gee, whatever happened to him?
(Xander and Willow look at her)
(whispers) Well, we know, but we’re not supposed to, remember?
Others: Oh yeah, ahem (starts whistling like Crow and Servo do)

As Buffy and her crew go up the escalator, a boom mike is visible
Xander: Whoops, they're being followed by a boom shadow.

Movie Buffy:  Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador, like I’m ever going to Spain anyway.
Willow: Maybe this is a first draft of Clueless. Buffy: Well, it needs lots more Jane Austen, and where's Paul Rudd?

Buffy sees a yellow jacket
Xander: From the Beatrix Kiddo Collection

Kimberly (talking about the jacket): So five minutes ago
Willow: This movie is so 25 years ago.

Merrick shows up
Xander: That look is so 40 years ago, along with his stalking.

He soon skulks away after spotting Movie Buffy
Buffy: (sings) Where In The World Is Carl San Diego?

Benny:  I can’t believe these people. We paid good money to see this
Xander: Hey, we'll mock the movie, pal. You deal with being in it.

Movie Buffy bends over on top of one of the car doors outside the theater.
Andy: I don’t want to sound sexist or anything, but can I borrow her?
Buffy:  I never did that! I had parents. They argued, but they were there.

Buffy riff 15.jpg

Grueller wanders into a park towards a merry-go-round. Sees Amilyn, aka Count Pee Wee.
Willow: Yikes, Pee Wee’s turned into a Lost Boy
Buffy:  or Nicholas Cage on a bender

"And Lulu just can't get pregnant"
Xander: Wasn't she 44 when this movie was made? Buffy: I think he meant the panda
Movie Buffy eating popcorn while her boyfriend tries to make out
Willow: Is she wondering if there's something more to life?
Xander: No, she's a cheerleader.
Buffy: I was a cheerleader, almost...until that witch...
Xander: We know.

Movie Buffy dreams of Slaying in a previous life.
Buffy:  Hey, where did this movie come from?
Xander:  Not so loud. You might scare it off.

Buffy riff 4.jpg

She jumps through a window to nail a vampire Buffy: Not exactly Wonder Woman, but I like her enthusiasm.

Some vampires show up.
Xander: Nobody expects the Undead Inquisition.

Lothos: Oh, please, show me a real Slayer
Xander and Willow (pointing at Buffy): Right here
Buffy: He can find out himself. They always do.

Amilyn: I have already begun building you a new family. Soon we will be legion.
Xander:  Does it include Aubrey Plaza?

Amilyn:  Rubies will drip from your lips.
Buffy:  Actually, everyone will be dripping from his lips

Buffy riff 8.jpg

Movie Buffy and her crew talk about the upcoming dance
Willow: We dressed like that?
Buffy: The price we pay for laughing at our parents' clothes.

Cassandra:  What do you think about the Ozone layer?
Movie Buffy:  Yeah. we gotta get rid of that.
Willow: Future employee of Trump's EPA. Yes, I read the papers.

Pike and Benny show up. Benny puts a bunch of change on a tray
Benny: What does it look like?
Xander: What this movie made after home video.
Willow:  It made enough to lead to this. Hey, isn't that Ricki Lake?

Movie Buffy:  You guys are thrashed
Pike:  That would explain the slurred speech
Xander: and the slurred script, set design, cinematography…

Pike: I'm Pike. This is Benny.
Movie Buffy: Pike's not a name, it's a fish.
Xander: It's also a peak, baby. Wanna...I better not finish that riff.
Willow: Good idea, or we'd beat the Harvey Weinstein out of you.
Xander: Or Bob Packwood. That was the go-to riff for a while.

Benny complains and lusts after Movie Buffy
Pike:  You don’t even like her and you’d sleep with her, what is that?
Willow:  Uh, being Matt Lauer?
Benny: I got a news flash for you. One more shot of this and I’d have sex with you
Pike:  Oh, yeah then you’ll never call me.
Buffy: What is this, Dawson’s Pub Crawl?

Merrick is seen driving
Xander: Why is Indiana Jones driving a Ford Escort?
Merrick sees a drunk Pike on the ground
Xander: Bring out your stoned!

Movie Buffy: (rehearsing a cheer) Take that ball to the hoop, hoop. OK. Buffy: Now let's try to teach that to the basketball team.

Buffy riff 14.jpg

Merrick observes Movie Buffy’s gymnastics
Willow: Ew, a creepier Bela Karolyi
Xander: Yeah, he’s no Giles.
Buffy: I definitely know that.

Merrick: You should have been taught, prepared.
Xander: But your name's Buffy, so why bother?
Buffy: Hey, a Slayer by any other name still kicks vampire butt!
Willow: That's our Buffy!

Movie Buffy: My trust fund’s in a graveyard?
Xander:  Safer than Bitcoin.

Movie Buffy: Why don’t you just take the first runner-up, OK?
Buffy:  That doesn't work. I know, I tried.

Merrick: You must come with me now to the graveyard while there’s still time.
Movie Buffy: Time to do what?
All: Yeah!
Merrick: Time to stop the killing, to stop the vampires.
Movie Buffy:  All right, let me get this straight, OK. You want me to go to the graveyard with you because I’m the Chosen One and there are vampires?
Buffy:  This guy's elevator pitch needs work.

Buffy riff 10.jpg

Merrick: You bear the Mark of the Coven
Movie Buffy: What, that big old hairy mole? Ew, I had it removed
Buffy: (Yells at the movie) What kind of a Me are you?
(realizes what she just said) AAAHHH! Thanks a lot, movie

Movie Buffy: I was a slave
Merrick: In Virginia
Xander: For 12 years?

Kinga: OK, wrap it up, guys. I want my victims, er, crew to take over.
Willow: Hey, one more scene, OK?
Movie Buffy:  How do you know all this? (talking about her dreams that he knows about)
Merrick:  Because it is your birthright and I am a part of it.
Buffy:  You know, I once dreamed I was Erica Kane’s daughter.
Willow:  That’s weird (as they leave)
Buffy:  I know. My mom and I watch Days Of Our Lives. Kinga: Don't give me that. You got Pine Valley written all over you.

Everyone admits the Scooby Gang’s riffing is quite impressive, "maybe too good" as Kinga says.
"Well," Buffy says, "Kristy did the best she could being a new type of superhero, and Paul, uh Pee Wee, proved he could do more than be in a playhouse. Still, the movie isn't my story. There is a comic book that is more accurate, though. I have no issues with that."
"Yeah, well, I have issues," Kinga says, while the others look at her strangely. "Well, the fact that others are in this riffing biz, especially that jerk Nelson. Stupid Rifftrax! Forresters are the masters of this, and I'm bugged you guys did so well." "Well, we'll just have to top them," Jonah says.
"You better!", Kinga says. "So embarassing. Get to the theater, guys. Show them how it's done"

Buffy riff 18.jpg

Movie Buffy:  I can’t believe I’m in a graveyard with a strange man hunting for vampires on a school night. Eeeew.
Jonah: Yeah, who’d want to do that every Tuesday night?
Crow: You’d be surprised.

Cassandra is alone in a parking lot when she hears sinister laughter
Servo: Uh-oh, the wind is calling her Maria.

Buffy’s first vampire emerges from the grave with his arms above his head
A female vampire emerges from her grave..
Crow: Let go of me, Uma Thurman.
Merrick battles with the vampire
Jonah:  What is this, Undead Fighting Championship?

Buffy kills her first vampire...when it bumps into her stake
Servo: Hey, that's how Xander killed his first vampire. I remember the pilot.

Buffy then kills the blonde vampire.
Jonah: No! You killed Undead Debbie Reynolds
Crow: That was Undead Carol Brady. Wait, that's bad, too.

Bennie floats outside Pike's second floor window Jonah: Oh, no, Danny Glick is back Bennie (still floating): "I feel pretty"
Crow: AHHH! No wonder Peter Pan left him behind.
(After Bennie laughs maniacally) Servo: And I saw his reflection! No wonder she hates this movie.

Jonah, Crow and Servo (singing):  “For your love!!!” (Winger song)

Quick shot of the Ford logo on Merrick’s car.
Jonah:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, built Ford tough.

Movie Buffy:  They can’t come in unless you invite them in, is that true?
Merrick:  That’s true
Movie Buffy:  Good
Crow: Yeah, you don't want to be attacked by the Vampire A/V Club
Buffy riff 12.jpg

Buffy goes to bed and Lothos is there.
Servo: Sleep like you’re dead to the world with the Lothos Eternal Rest Mattress
(gives her a teddy bear) with automatic teddy bear dispenser
She wakes up and realizes she has a ribbon in her hair.
Jonah:  Man, why do I keep gift wrapping myself?

Cassandra, though, is in Lothos’ lair: Who are you?
All (singing): He's gonna bite you from a forklift! Servo: That's how he levitated. Max told me.

Merrick’s in the locker room
Movie Buffy: What are you doing here? This is a naked place
Jonah: Wait til the lockers get dressed, at least.

Movie Buffy: Obviously somebody read their tea leaves wrong cuz I'm not your girl. Servo: Was it Warren Beatty or Steve Harvey? Merrick tosses a knife at Movie Buffy. She catches it. Merrick: Bravo.
Jonah: That proves nothing. She could be the chosen one for the L-A Kings.

Buffy: I don’t want to spend the rest of my life chasing after vampires. All I want to do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater and die
Crow: Well, who wouldn't want to be Mrs. Robot?

Jonah: Oh dear, the training montage. I wonder if it’s as bad as No Defeat No Surrender.

There’s a mix of her training and her life in high school.
Crow:  We interrupt this training montage and join The OC in progress.

Buffy tosses a stake at a foam vamp, and stabs a leg
Servo: And that’s why Ed Ames never became a Slayer.

Principal Murray tries to counsel Buffy, mainly about drugs.
Murray:  Don’t think of me as Gary Murray, administrator. No, think of me as Gary Murray, party guy.
Crow:  In The High Castle.

He’s stunned to see her spit out a thumbtack and impale a fly.
Jonah:  I’m not sure what you’re taking, young lady, but do you get your Limitless pills from Bradley Cooper?

Pike:  There's something going on around here. I don't know. Something real weird.
Zeph:  Hey, what do you want me to do when I see Benny?
Pike:  Run

Crow:  He hasn't showered since he joined the Undead.

Movie Buffy sings “Feelings” while searching for vampires.
Jonah: Nice, sing a song that’ll make the demons slay themselves. Try something from Sublime

Buffy gets cramps because vampires are near
Crow:  Again? She has the worst spider-sense ever.

A vampire does show up, badly dressed.
Servo: Adam Sandler?

Suddenly Kinga enters the theater and points at them, saying “There they are! Look at them being so rude to you.”
All:  Joss Whedon?
Jonah: Hey, this is a...
Joss; Never mind that. Are you three having a nice time mocking my masterpiece?
Servo: What are you talking about? Does that look like Dr. Horrible to you?
Joss looks at the screen:  I'm tempted to say something about Donald, but this is a family show, right?
Buffy (from behind): Hey, did your movie make me a Slayer, sort of?
Crow:  Buffy, just repeat to yourself, it's just a show, etc, Buffy: Oh, yeah...and I am, too. It's like how you talk to the Amazing Colossal Man during that movie.
Servo: Yeah, like that. By the way, Joss, how did you know about this?
Joss:  Someone named Frank called me about someone mocking my greatness, and I said, “Who isn’t?”
Kinga:  You had some stories about this movie, so if you’d like to open up about it...
Jonah:  Not now, Kinga.
Kinga:  Why not? Besides, it’s the end of the reel.

Kinga tries to con Joss into riffing his own movie, playing on his ego and the fact that what he wanted didn’t make the screen. Buffy says Kinga must really want this, so she shoves both Joss and Kinga into the theater and tells them to avenge her. Max is relieved no one thought of him...until he sees Kinga and her thousand-yard stare at him. He stares at her right back, saying "I regret nothing, especially what I did at..." "DON'T MENTION THAT!," she yells. "You're lucky you still have a spleen, and yet what you did was kind of flattering," "Look, I'll go in with you," he says. "I don't like this movie either, They should have gone with Joss’ ideas”
“Well, add it all up and…”, Buffy says
Everyone: We know what it spells.  
We’re not going to speculate on how Joss would riff too much, so we’ll stick to Kinga and Max.

Amilyn: Aaarrrgh!
Kinga:  Hey, Pike’s screaming. “Aaargh” must be the secret word of the day.

Amilyn is on top of Pike's van, and enjoying the view.
Max: If he says "I'm king of the world", I'm gonna be a movie slayer
Kinga: That's not your job. Sit down.
Then he tries to reach into Pike
Kinga: What's Amilyn doing, backseat steering?
Then Amilyn loses his left arm.
Max: Uh-oh, the grandson of the Crawling Hand.

Amilyn (after losing an arm): You ruined my jacket. Kill him a lot
Joss; I wrote that.
Max:  and for that we are grateful.
Kinga: Hey, you're my toady, remember?

As Pike tries to fight off a vampire, Movie Buffy suddenly comes in from stage left.
Max:  Shouldn’t those vamps dissolve?
Joss:  Not enough money in the budget
Kinga: There was a budget?

Joss glares at her.
Kinga:  Pardon me. This movie is a cut above what we usually show.

Pike faints again after Buffy nails those vampires.
Kinga: Is Pike's first name Giles by any chance?
Buffy takes Pike back to her house, but her parents aren't there
Max: Did her parents run away, get attacked by Stormtroopers? Where'd they go?

Movie Buffy: You know what it's like when everything is suddenly different and everything you thought was crucial seems so stupid?
Joss: Let's see Trump tweet that at 3 AM.

Movie Buffy: You find yourself babbling incoherently with a strange man in your living room?
Pike:  Are you calling me a man?
Max:  Run, before Shannen Doherty finds out.

Buffy riff 13.jpg

Lothos to Amilyn:  Honestly, I don’t know how you made it through the Crusades.
Max:  Well, I wonder why I ever married you.
Kinga:  MAX! Max: You're just mad I thought of it first Kinga: Uh...well...I can think of something, too.
Buffy’s friends discuss Cassandra’s death and that they didn’t get the yellow leather jacket back being the real tragedy.
Max: The ghost of Cordelia Chase should haunt the Hell out of them.

Buffy body-slams a guy grabbing her butt
Kinga: Ronda Rousey in "50 Shades of Black and Blue"
(Joss and Max look at her) See?

Merrick:  None of the other girls gave me this much trouble
Movie Buffy: And where are they now? Hello? Max:  Where was your last job, Amish Country in the 1950s?

Buffy riff 9.jpg

Kinga:  Hey, #10, that’s Ben Affleck (giving up the ball to Grueller the vampire)
Ugh, was this before he started his Batman training?

Movie Buffy (to newly vamped Grueller): You were my friend
Grueller:  Now, I’m a god
Pike stakes him:  And now, you’re a coat rack.
Max:  This movie should have gotten more love, as least as much as Serenity.
Joss: You’re a smart man, Max
Kinga:  Don’t encourage him. He’s gotta stay at “lackey” mode.
Max:  Can't I have new friends?

Lothos:  Has our time finally come? Have you ripened so fast?
Kinga:  Ewww. You’re a creepier Kylo Ren.

Lothos turns the stake at Merrick, killing him.
Merrick (to Movie Buffy):  You do everything wrong
Movie Buffy: Sorry
Merrick: Do it wrong. Don’t play our game. Lothos is a show.
Max: That advice she never forgot. That’s why Buffy’s the show, man.

Buffy riff 16.jpg

Kimberly:  You’re acting like a thing from another tax bracket
Max: Future two-time Oscar winner. Who woulda thunk it?

Movie Buffy tries to explain her predicament.
Buffy: Haven't you guys noticed what's been going on here? The strange things? Have you noticed people disappearing, turning up dead?
Nicole: What are you talking about?
Kinga: They're less sharp than the girls in I've heard.

Amilyn and Lothos plan to invade the dance after learning Buffy's identity..
Max: Well, she should repeat to herself he’s just a show
Joss:  and we should really just relax?
Kinga:  Hey, no fair using the theme song as a riff.

They talk about how Pee Wee Herman took a role originally meant for Joan Chen, and how that would have made a different movie, as in better. Buffy also recounts how her first Watcher died differently, and how that was more heroic than in the movie.
Kinga, though, is a little suspicious of Max’s new friendship with Joss, and thinks Joss should see the rest of movie elsewhere. Max says she’s afraid she’ll fall apart like Clayton did when TV's Frank left.
“THAT’S….not important,” she says. “I need a henchman, like dad did in the old days. Come to think of it, your dad double-crossed my dad once, and he was glad”
“Well, I was made to be that,” Max says, “Maybe literally, like in Moon. I’m not sure. Besides, my dad was more experiment than henchman.”
“Look, what matters is we should finish the movie,” Jonah says. “Ready, Buffy?”
“Oooooooh, yeah,” she says, "especially the 'finish' part"

"You saw the movie during the summer after you were expelled, didn't you?", Kinga asks Buffy.
"It was the most depressing midnight movie ever," Buffy says.
Kinga understands. "Sic' em". "Hell, yeah!" Buffy says. "Gentlemen....." "Where?", Crow says. "Yeah, I know" they head to the theater.

Kimberly: This one doesn’t have a mirror at home
Buffy:  Oh no, did Darla go to this dance?

Buffy riff 6.jpg

Buffy loses a boyfriend but gets Pike.
Pike:  You know, uh, Buffy, you’re not like other girls
Movie Buffy:  Yes I am
Buffy: Aside from the vampires and…..wait a minute.....
(stand up, looks up to the ceiling):  MOM, IS THIS HOW YOU MET DAD?
Jonah: Was it?
Buffy:  (sits down) I think so. She told me it happened to her in college.

The vampires show up
Servo: Surprise! You’re on The Walking Dead

More vamps show up.
Crow:  Why is Lou Diamond Phillips with them (far left)?
Movie Buffy: Don't worry. They can't come in unless they're invited. Kimberly:  I already invited them. They’re seniors.
Jonah: Why didn't you try "extreme vetting"?
Buffy: WHAT?
Jonah:  Checking for a pulse.
Buffy: Oh, yeah.

Buffy riff 2.jpg

Buffy faces more vamps.
Crow: Sorry, guys, she’s not remaking the Thriller video
She tumbles like crazy.
Servo:  Enough with the Aly Raisman impression. Start fighting.
She does.
Jonah:  Whoa, eat your heart out, Brienne of Tarth.

Some long haired guy tells a vampire. “This party sucks, man.”
Buffy:  Oz, is that you?

Bennie: Why do you like these people? They’re sheep.
Pike: And you’re an independent thinker? Try getting a suntan.
Bennie: Forget them. We can start a band.
Jonah: We’ll call ourselves “Scream!”

Amilyn: I’ll get you Buffy, and your little dog, too
Crow:  No more Wizard of Oz riffs, guys. That's our thing.

Amilyn:  We’re Immortal, Buffy. We can do anything.
Movie Buffy: Oh yeah? Clap.
Buffy: THAT’S more like it.

Buffy riff 11.jpg

Lothos plays his violin
Jonah:  That looks more like musical handcuffs.

Buffy riff 1.jpg

Amilyn’s staked and really drags out his death scene.
Servo:  Sheesh, Yongary had a shorter death scene than this.
Buffy:  Yeah, why is he padding his part? It’s not as if he’ll never work again after this movie
Crow:  Well, at the time…
Buffy:   I KNOW. Pee Wee proved them wrong. (Sigh) To think, David Bowie could have made a cameo, thinking it was "The Hunger II". I'm not kidding.

Lothos is about to bite Buffy: I am life beyond death, and you are just like all the other girls
Movie Buffy:  Maybe I’ll surprise you (shows a cross)
Lothos: This is your defense? Puh-leeze Buffy: Sheesh, he's no Dracula, and I slayed him
Lothos: Your puny faith? (as the cross bursts into flames)
Movie Buffy: No, my keen fashion sense. (She sprays him with hair spray, instant flame thrower).

Jonah:  Hey, there is an upside in destroying the ozone layer, but if he’s on fire, shouldn’t the movie be over?

Principal Murray gives detention slips to the dead teens and vampires.
Buffy: I hate to say this, but I miss Principal Snyder. Pity he wound up as dragon chow.

Lothos threatens to kill with a katana
Crow:  This is well-dressed padding. Can we switch to the comic book which was the real script?
Jonah: Yeah, Kill Bill this ain’t.
Buffy: I'll say. I mean, I burned a school gym down once, but it was filled with vampires AND asbestos.
Servo: Couldn't you have washed it with holy water and a super soaker?
Buffy: Well, I do that now. Live, learn and slay.

But Buffy saves the day, and wakes up Pike
Jonah: Usually it’s the man who wakes the girl while someone else says, “He tampered in God’s domain.”
Servo:  Please, I’m still trying to forget that movie.

The couple roar away in a motorcycle, and we see “Candy Clark as Buffy’s Mom”
Buffy:  My mother’s name was Joyce, you lazy movie.
Jonah:  Uh, that Buffy isn’t you, remember?
Buffy:  Oh, yeah. Still…
Then we have the witnesses....

Jeffrey: They had this look in their eyes. Totally cold. Animal. I think they were young Republicans. Servo: And one of them got turned into a Newt. Or was it a Gingrich?

Jeffrey talks about what happened while his other date weeps and walks off
Crow:  Next on The Bachelor.

One more shot of Amilyn dying.
Buffy: Just die already, Pee Wee. Your career will be reborn. You’ll show them. Ha-ha-ha-uuuughhhh

Jonah, the bots, Willow and Xander are there to hug Buffy as the final credits roll.
Buffy:  Movie bad, movie go away, hate movie!
Watch TV show! THAT’s the real thing.
Xander:  and the comic books, too.
Willow:  Yeah! Maybe Disney will make movies about you, Buffy Buffy: After what we did, I doubt it. I'd be happy if they talked to Hailee Steinfeld about it, though. Dove Cameron's a bit too short. Servo: How about Angel in a hidden dystopian land? Xander: We're in one now, called President Trump
Then, Buffy’s phone beeps. “I’m getting a text?” She reads: “About that dance scene, of course that happened to me in college. I’m glad you remembered, but you should have been meaner towards that movie. I really didn’t like that fake me. Love you, mom.”
Jonah asks, “Are you sure that’s your mom from…..beyond?”
“Haunted iPhones are required equipment for Slayers. It could be from her”, she says.
“Have you tried to send texts to the afterlife?” Crow asks.
“Well,” Buffy says, “that isn’t recommended. Otherwise, I’d ask what St. Peter thinks of The Good Place.

At the end, Buffy and Kinga smirk at each other, each thinking they won...which they did.
"OK, we'll call it a draw," Kinga says. Jonah puts it into perspective. “Exactly, you two,” he says. “This was an idea that was long overdue. Just shake hands.”
They do, and Buffy does think of giving Kinga too much of a tight handshake, but Kinga pulls her hand away. "You would have squeezed real hard." she explains, "I'd do it, if I could." "But not today," Buffy says.

They do shake hands, and agree to figure out some way to get this episode on DVD. Buffy and her fellow Scoobies go to the Gizmonic gift shop.
Kinga then shifts to "boss" mode and orders Jonah to replace a sewer pipe in Deepest 13, which apparently cracked during the movie. While he heads there, the bots read letters, and Kinga reads one, too, just to show she can.
Jonah reaches Deepest 13. Actually the Mole People are glad to see him. They admit they cracked the pipe because they don't like Kinga's rumors about them. They also wish the wi-fi down there was better. Jonah says he'll take care of it, but someone has to get the new pipe. Kinga and Max look on while she says, “Well, don’t expect us to bring it to you.”
Someone behind them disagrees (guess who), along with several fake ninjas.
Kinga scowls, and says,“Oh, push the button, Frank.”

"Oh, I'm Frank now?," "Max" asks, as the picture goes black
Remember, this is fan fiction. This will become real when Hell freezes over, gets flooded and is overrun by My Little Ponies, but we can always hope.
So, what do you think, sirs?
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