Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say what?

It was just six months ago I was wrapping up what was a less-than-perfect Comic-Con. My laptop died, a ticket to an autograph session with the cast of Dollhouse was declared void before it even started (but again, this must have happened to similar sessions of Glee and Fringe, and will likely happen again), and half the panels I wanted to attend were too crowded to even get in. No wonder Los Angeles is so certain it will get this event three years from now.

However, there were some good moments, like getting to see Inglorious Basterds before everybody, and finally seeing a Time Lord for the first time since the '80s.
During the Doctor Who panel, I wore a long scarf Doctor #4 would have worn. A BBC cameraman came up to me, and asked me to say something. I flippantly welcomed the current Doctor, David Tennant, to San Diego, and hoped the Doctor will be viisting 2010 or 2011 hopefully, once again. I suspected this was part of a DVD release, but I thought my flippant comment would wind up on the cutting room floor.
Well, look at this...

Yes, I look stupid, and I didn't think I looked "Time Lord-ish" enough. Still, I guess my invite for Doctor #11 to come down may be enough. There are rumblings about making a U-S version of Torchwood, and that would work if it's a mini-series and the current cast is used. Try the same for the Doctor, guys. There will be a need for this.

Anyway, I will be part of the "Doctor Who at Comic-Con" featurette that will be in the "End of Time" DVD in a couple of weeks. I was going to get it anyway because it's a cool finale. I think maybe two or three people will recognize me when this DVD is made available. It's not as if the BBC will come looking for me, you know, if they do decuide to make a Dr. Who episode set in America, in 2011.
And they won't either...or at least not anywhere near me.

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