Saturday, August 7, 2010

State Fair: Weird Al Comes To Town

Weird Al Yankovic, who can mock music like no one else, has been a staple at the California State Fair. For the first time, though, he wrapped up the fair...which means I could go.
It was a good show, with a mix of original spoofs and the usual parodies. Thing is, my camera battery chose that time to be on its last legs. What I got is still pretty good.

More Weird Al

It's the Lady Gaga/Ke$ha Polka

Oldie But Goodie

Al Yankovic, Lounge Lizard

This last one was really a stunner. I've seen him as an Amish guy, Kurt Cobain, and Devo, but never like this! This is why he's a Grammy award winner, and still a fave in the music industry.

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