Sunday, February 13, 2011

History Celebrated in Sacramento

It's not every day that world history can also be celebrated in Sacramento.
Local Egyptians had their say in what was happening in Cairo. First, they held out signs at 16th and J just after the protests started...

Protesters for Change

The real celebration, and honoring those who sacrificed to change Egypt, came recently. It was at the same corner, but it was just different. I didn't feel I was part of it, but I wanted to be there to show others what it was like, which is why I'm glad to share these pictures...

Egypt is free!

But we should not forget...

Holding a candle and a name

Honoring the best in America and Egypt

It's interesting that Egypt winds up being the best example of people power, and the strongest since the Philippines in the '80s. In the U-S, we have Tea Party followers demanding smaller government, no more spending, lower taxes, and maybe someone else as president. All the shouting, though, winds up to be just that: shouting, which results to nothing except the latest catch phrase which a pundit uses to look messianic and ratings-savvy. What Egypt did, with its shouting, resulted in a new country, and hopes for a new future.

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