Monday, March 21, 2011

Wondercon's A Lot Less Wonderful This Year

For the past few years, Wondercon in San Francisco has been the little brother of Comic-Con. People get a chance to see some big productions abut upcoming movies, and see a star or two. In recent years, it's been a pretty impressive event. It's where I got my first Joss Whedon autograph, and very close look at Serenity.
Last year, fans got a chance to see Kick-Ass early, see the cast of Chuck and Human Target, and even see the latest episode of V. Heck, it's where most people got their first look at Inception.

You'd think the 25th anniversary of Wondercon would mean big stars plugging big movies. The fact that it's held on the first weekend of April would be perfect timing for a preview of Thor, Scream 4, Apollo 18, Fast 5 or even Dylan Dog.
Well, no. The fact that no one from Thor is VERY surprising. However, we will get a panel on Super, James Gunn's version of Kick-Ass. Rainn Wilson will be there with Gunn. It makes sense because it premieres in San Francisco the day before the panel. There's also a panel on Hanna, which starts a week later. I'm interested in that because Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) will be in it.
The big panel will be Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds on 4/1, which will probably be the highlight of the whole weekend. What's surprising that three movies that won't premiere until much later in the year will also appear: Cowboys vs. Aliens (late July), Three Musketeers (October) and Immortals (November). At least with Immortals, Henry Cavill will get a lot of interest since he'll be the new Superman.

What's also surprising is TV Sunday will not be as star-studded as it usually is. Or, as Daniel Feinberg of HitFix tweeted:

@loquaciousmuse "Fringe," "Chuck," "Smallville," "Camelot," "Castle," "Community," "Supernatural." Heck "Glee" goes to supermarket openings.

NONE of them are coming to Wondercon. You'd think Smallville would come because it is ending its run on the CW, while Fringe and Chuck would have big finales.

So who is coming?
Doctor Who is coming, since it will kick off its new series with a visit to America (how come he doesn't drop in to San Diego, July 2011? We'll make room).
ETA: The panel will be moderated by Chris Hardwick. Mark Sheppard (aka Badger) will be there along with Neil Gaiman and director Toby Haynes. This should rival the Green Lantern panel.
A new Fox comedy called Breaking in, about high-tech security guards, will be coming with Christian Slater. That big new sci-fi show, Terra Nova, is also coming, despite the fact its May preview was cancelled a couple of weeks ago. There will also be a screening of Nikita, which resolves a big cliffhanger from the night before.
Two panels may be interesting because they involve two shows that likely won't be back. One is Human Target with Mark Valley. The other is V with Elizabeth Mitchell. I kind of hoped Morena Baccarin would also be there, too, since she and Liz never shared a real scene in season two. The V panel will also be interesting because fans will be asking if those who died in the season two finale are beyond resurrection, not to mention the show itself.

How Wondercon ends is also a surprise: we'll be seeing Dr. Horrible instead of Once More With Feeling. I'm not sure why, but this may be a new pattern: Dr. H at Wondercon and Once More With Feeling at Comic-Con. We'll see.

Wondercon is 25 years old. It should have gotten a better party. I hope it's not too late to add more guests.
Anyone want to e-mail Asgard?

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