Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Movie Double Feature

Today I've done something I haven't done in about two years....I went to two movies, and enjoyed the second one more.
I still have some cash left in my Fandango gift certificate, and decided to check out Bad Teacher, mainly because Cameron Diaz was actually beating Green Lantern in the box office. Maybe SHE should be Star Sapphire if they really bother with a sequel.
Diaz is truly a bad teacher as Liz Halsey. Even as she tries to take advantage of the system and also get a bonus to pay for a boob job by hook and crook, you can't help but like her, especially if she has an annoying nemesis teacher who's a bit too perfect. Lucy Punch is great in a role that's a long way from Dinner for Schmucks. She will also be in the pilot for Powers, too. Justin Timberlake is also such a nerd as Scott, the target of Liz's diabolical plans to land a guy who'll take care of her. One surprise is Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. He's in this movie as Liz's biker roommate.

The other movie was Conan O'Brien Can't Stop, a documentary of last year's nationwide tour that reminded people that NBC still has the wrong guy hosting the Tonight Show. You really get to see Conan unplugged and raw, and you admire him for pulling off a great tour despite all that he felt after losing the big gig. We see how the show was formed from very fast sellouts minutes after the tour was announced, rehearsals, and then the first show in Oregon. We also see stops in Las Vegas, L-A, Seattle, New York and Bonnaroo. We may see him overworked but we also see that he just loves to perform....and we love him. If you can, see this movie. It's worth it.

Oh, and as far as the trailers are concerned:

If Kevin Bacon has any need to tell people to reject the Footloose remake coming in October, the trailer has done the job for him. Dennis Quaid is no John Lithgow, Julianne Hough is no Lori Singer, and whats-his-name is no Kevin Bacon (OK, he's Kenny Wormald, but still...). There's no Kenny Loggins in the new soundtrack, either. Adding a secret place where the teens dance to hide from their parents doesn't help, either. HitFix's "C" grade for the trailer is generous.

Much better trailers include Horrible Bosses (which was seen on UFC on Versus this past weekend), 30 Minutes or Less, and The Help with Emma Stone, which may be the ideal movie for those who are Harry Potter-ed and Transformer'd out.

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