Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Were You at 9/11?

It was ten years ago, and I was a former radio news announcer trying in vain to get back in the business. To stay above water, I was a temporary worker at a sawmill near Marysville. Didn't pay much.

I also had to get up early to get to work. When I turned on the news, I saw the two burning World Trade Center towers, and heard about another plane hitting the Pentagon. I couldn't stay long, because I had to go.
So, I turned on Howard Stern, when he was still on regular radio. I would never forget the shock he expressed when he saw the towers burn, and then collapse. He even admitted he wanted to get off the air, but he stuck around for a while.

In fact, YouTube has two videos of that broadcast...

Someone called RadioBlooie has an even more extensive recording of this event. That's the one I will always remember. I also have Don and Mike's broadcast, or much of it.

Anyway, the fact I had to cut wood or move tiles around kept my mind off the horror. I didn't have time to stay glued to my TV. I'd have enough time for that by the weekend.

Thinking back on that, I have to wonder how TV would have covered D-Day or even Pearl Harbor, since those events changed our nation. It would probably be much like what we had in 2001, even more so thanks to smartphones.

There will be some events in honor of the tenth anniversary Sunday. I'll be there, taking a lot of pictures.

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