Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Published, and Other 2012 Surprises

The thing with social media is that people, if they want to, can see your latest vacation photos, which you brag about to no end. Some may even claim the photos would be great for a magazine.

Well, dig this...

I'm a published photographer

I took a photo of a guy from the Pizza Rock restaurant in downtown Sacramento on the day regular car traffic was re-opened to K Street. Someone e-mailed me, asking if his magazine can use it. I said yes, and now this photo is seen by tens of people looking for a good pizza place, and relying of a magazine available at airports and train stations. I still have the issue, so I can at least prove it to someone. The photo itself is found here.

The other big surprise was at my neighborhood Goodwill store. I looked through the CDs and found this...

You'll never guess where I got this

an autographed Garbage CD. Yep, that's Shirley Manson's signature. It takes me back to when she was at Wondercon a few years back when she was a Terminatress during season 2 of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Latest word is that she's heading back to the studio, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in sci-fi again. It's not every day you find an autographed CD at Goodwill, but it's a nice bargain.

Now that everyone has had their Christmas breaks, it's now my turn. I'm still hoping to be a seat filler at the Critic's Choice Awards, which is what I was hoping for. I'm on the waiting list. If that doesn't work, I'll be happy to sit on some bleachers, if there are any. In any case, at least I'll have a chance to see a movie that's not playing in Sacramento yet. Just haven't decided which one, but I also hope to throw in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy too. I'm also hoping to get in a taping of Real Time. The new season starts next week, just in time for the primary season. The Golden Globe,s of course, are out unless there's a secret way to get on the bleachers that doesn't require staying at the hotel. We'll see.

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