Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Second Trophy Tour

Was it just two years ago that thousands of San Francisco Giants fans up and down California got a chance to see something they never saw up close before: a World Series trophy?

Well, we're getting another chance, like this fan:

Posing With The Trophies

The 2013 World Series Trophy Tour started in Sacramento this past January 8th, Unlike two years ago, it made only one stop at Sacramento City Hall. Last time, the team had two showings: the State Capitol in the morning and City Hall in the afternoon.

The tour started here:

The Start of the Line

The line started forming well before noon.

Coming Early For The World Series Trophies

Most wore Giants memorabilia, including jerseys of their favorite players...

The Bullpen's Moms?

This woman wore a big Giants blanket, as if she was prepared for a home game back in the Candlestick days...

Dressed For Candlestick Weather

In fact the line literally went around the block when the doors opened at around 2:30. Thanks to my ability to wait, developed when I waited HOURS to get an autograph of Quentin Tarantino at Comic-Con, it wasn't that bad.

Almost there

Even Mayor Kevin Johnson was there to welcome the fans who waited for this chance.

Mayor Kevin Johnson Welcomes Giants Fans

This time, I was not allowed to get a personal photo of myself with the trophies. I can order one through the team's website, like I did when I was at the Browncoats Cruise a few years back. So, here's a blast from my past in 2010...

Not Brian Wilson, but still

Notice back then, I had a piece of the 1989 World Series, plus the ticket stub to the last Candlestick game. This time, I wore an San Jose Giants jacket plus a World Series cap.

If you'd like to see both World Series trophies up close, click this link for the entire schedule.

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