Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Cabin In the Woods...The Amusement Park!

It's official...or more official than usual: Joss Whedon..and Drew Goddard...are the Kings of Most Media

Who would have thought that a horror movie written by Joss and Drew over three days, put on the shelf for two years because of financial problems with the original studio, and then finally released and getting a Saturn Award and wide-spread respect from horror fans everywhere, would wind up as the theme for the annual Halloween event at a major theme park?

The Cabin In The Woods is actually going to be this year's theme at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. The proof is right here in this link. It may be unexpected but Universal has worked with Lionsgate before, when the park included an attraction connected with the Saw movie series.
Fox News was among the first to announce it. They talked to Drew, who said...

"It was certainly always the dream. I don't know how far we thought the reality would go. But we always wanted 'Cabin' to take on a life beyond us. It just felt like such a rich universe where people can drop in and have their own fun."

In a nice twist, visitors will not be the victims of the monsters, mermen, unicorns, Hell Lords, zombie family members and such in that cabin. They'll be going through the secret facility that keeps those monsters..but there's a chance the monsters may get loose (heh, heh) However, there are no Ancient Ones involved. This time, the gods just want your cash to see this attraction, which to them is even better than ripping the Earth apart.
Or...maybe the Ancient Ones were too ancient to rip anything beyond the cabin at the end of the film, and decided to hook up with Universal Studios for this.
The article also says there's a chance Drew may be one of the monsters at the attraction.

Sounds great....but should the Cabin also be located at Universal Studios Hollywood?

At one point the Hollywood park didn't have Hollywood Horror Nights, but the Orlando park did. Now, they both do, and for the most part, the Halloween attractions are similar. Last year, both had attractions connected to Alice Cooper and The Walking Dead. So, there's a chance Universal Studios Hollywood will have its own Cabin In The Woods. Since the fright doesn't start for another three months, it'll be a while until we know for sure.

Then again, how would Doll Faces, Hell Lords and mermen battle, say, Transformers and King Kong?
I'm guessing....they'd rather not.

And who knows? Maybe someday we'll have an amusement park with sections based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf, True Blood, and The Walking Dead. Twilight would not be included, obviously.

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