Saturday, December 26, 2015

Disasterpiece Theater: The Grandfather of MST3K

To some people, movie riffing was begun by Mel Brooks' classic animated short, The Critic. However, the art of mocking movies may have really begun at a station in Tijuana, Mexico.

I came across some videos from a TV show called Disasterpiece Theater. It aired on XETV, a station that was independent in the early 80s before becoming a Fox channel, and later part of the CW. The host was Sal. U. Lloyd, and he helped mock lousy monster movies, mainly by graphics that mocked the plot, like this:

It's not quite like a guy and a couple of robots making snide remarks at lousy movies. The closest thing to this is Zomboo in Reno, where he makes comments about the movie in mid-scene, or dubs in different music
Some clips exist on YouTube in SalULloyd's channel, but considering VHS or Batamax was available back then, maybe some other clips exist. If only those tapes were circulated, too.

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