Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rifftrax's Christmas Circus: The Least Show On Earth

Remember when TV's Frank deeply apologized to Joel, Tom Servo and Crow for showing them Manos, the Hands of Fate?

Well, this is Rifftrax's version, after they found a Christmas movie created by a TV clown from Kansas City

It's called Santa's Christmas Circus, featuring Whizzo the Clown. He had his own show in the 50s, and this is an example:

In 1966, he got his own movie set at his "wonderland". His style of clowning is more of a stream-of-consciousness where he starts a joke, comments, then tries to finish what he started. He's only slightly more coherent than the woman who narrated Fun in Balloonland.

As for the circus, it includes kids who wind up dressed as circus acts, but one girl is sad because she thinks Christmas should be more than just fun. Charlie Brown, of course, did the same thing much better.
He's able to conjure an "atomic time machine" which looks more like a junior Interocitor, and a magic carpet so the kids can travel to see Santa at the North Pole.
Here's a link to the movie trailer. As for Rifftrax's version, here's its trailer.

Before that, the gang found a holiday short called "The Christmas Tree" from 1976. It's about three Christmas trees are placed in three homes, and how they're part of the holiday. Thing is, these are the trees:

They're described as Hannibal Lecter's Christmas trees. The guys who play the trees basically respond by facial expressions. There's no dialogue, but it's weird to see them frown because the mom waters the plants but not them. There's also an afterlife for the trees, too, apparently.

OK, riff time:

Whizzo makes his first appearance
Guys, what have we done?

Mike loses his patience over Whizzo's act and how distracted he seems to be with the kids
Focus for more than a second and a half, you insane twisted harlequin (or as Joel would say, "DO SOMETHING! GOD!)

The sad girl who wonders if Christmas is more than just fun
God, I wish I didn't blow that Star Search audition

Whizzo shows lots of holiday store displays
(as Lupita) You call that a Christmas display? May Craig forgive you.

After the kids leave, Whizzo says he's kinda lonesome
And the camera pans left, we hear a single gunshot, followed by a thud.

There's also riffs on The Art of War, Christmas Rhapsody, Stranger Things, Krusty the Clown, and a Jerry Lewis movie no one can see.

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