Friday, January 6, 2017

My Worst Vacation

Spending a couple of days in Sacramento in January is a bad idea, especially when a series of big storms rolled in. It has taught me that I should not leave town between November and March. I just wanted to see the new Golden 1 Center up close.

This is in between Kings games, but once the city gets ice hockey, it should be busier. Despite the fact it was an off day for the Kings, they had their big scoreboard in operation, showing a high school game for some reason:

I was also interested in seeing how far the city's gotten in building its new shopping hub called Downtown Commons, or DoCo. It'll have lots of restaurants and more movie screens. It was estimated it would be ready by the new year, and naturally it was not. There is still the sign:

Worst thing about the vacation was I-80 closing overnight. If not, I would have gotten back to Reno when I was supposed to. I had to stay an extra night. The only upside to it is that I got some nice winter pictures from I-80:

Now I am back in Reno, and ready to get back to routine, and also seeing movies I didn't get a chance to see in Sacramento...because there's no movie houses in downtown Sacramento, and won't be for a while.

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