Thursday, October 9, 2008

Murder He Wrote?

People have known about this for a week or so, but this is the trailer for Nathan Fillion's next TV triumph...we hope, called Castle. He plays a mystery novelist who is the unwelcome assistant to a New York PD detective played by Stana Katic, who had been on Heroes and will be in the next James Bond movie.

Now, this trailer is a condensed version of the pilot in less than three minutes. It shows Nathan as a respected author but also a rascal....maybe way too much David Addison in there, too. He does have friends and a daughter to keep him grounded. Smoe have suggested that this is ABC's knock-off of Bones, except Booth isn't always on the make with Dr. Brennan. Here, you get an idea of what happens if he is. Not a good idea.

If this goes to a full season, they should dump the romantic angle between Fillion and Katic because it's just too annoying. He can still "do research", but with different detectives. He should also show he has some background in criminal investigation, despite that "Lord Godiva" episode that's pointed out. Maybe his dad was a cop or attorney, and he couldn't quite cut it in such a job, and that writing books was the next best thing.

Well, we'll see what happens once ABC gives the greenlight to this show. They filmed a pilot, at least.

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