Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling pretty soggy

As October is ready to exit with the traditional appearance of candy-hungry demons, Sacramento is also experiencing its first wet weekend in some time. We got a fair amount overnight, and will get more tomorrow.

I am feeling soggy, too, because of what I've heard about Pushing Daisies. It got hit twice by the final innings of the World Series and the Obamamercial.

There's already rumors that ABC has mowed the show down, mainly because we have to wait nearly three weeks for the next new episode. We may be told whether it's over after 13 episodes even before it comes back for its only sweeps broadcast. I think ABC, to avoid the blatant stupidity Fox TV was so proud to express six years ago, should give the show nine more episodes to give it a better finish.

Even so, that's a disappointment to a great show that offsets the gloominess that we're all feeling lately. When it opened last year, people embraced the kooky yet entertaining show. It could have been a bigger hit if not for the writer's strike. So, how could we have changed in one year? Have we become more cynical, sour, and contemptuous towards the show because we have been worn down by the election, or Wall Street going down the drain? Is it because ABC didn't think to repeat the series over the summer? At least Fox was smart enough to do that with Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, even if it was up against the Olympics. It knows, now, that not everyone will think to go to the webiste to see episodes, or even get the DVD set. ABC relied a steady string of ads for the show, plus the Mobile Pie Hole tour, but that's no substitute for summer reruns that can attract new fans. That may have been the Kiss of Death that Ned's Magic Touch could not overcome. Also, I refuse to believe Knight Rider is a better show. So, if ABC has decided that Pushing Daisies is a weed, rather that one of its best-looking flowers, it knows nothing about TV gardening...but I hope it gives the show enough time to give it a good ending while we plan to throw yucky pies at the ABC building.

Also, at the Downtown Plaza, Macy's has opened a new holiday store...two days before Halloween. I understand the traditional holiday season is only four weeks this year, but I don't know if this is going to convince parents to buy their ornaments just after they throw away the last of the candy wrappers. I won't go that far. My website won't go into Thanksgiving mode until 12:01 AM on November first. Period.

On the plus side, I'm getting a good rep from the people who are part of the Bonnie Hunt Show forum when they forget to tape a certain episode. I've helped out three people so far. I really think this show ought to provide longer clips for those people who miss the show, or can't watch it because their affiliate...PHILADELPHIA...airs the show in the middle of the night. Really. It's the only city that does that, and should consider fixing that problem by the new year.

I also got the MST3K 20th anniversary special edition set with the Crow figurine and the metal box. I will see that when Thanksgiving rolls around. Even though I already have those movies in my collection, it's the extras that I wanted, from the "oral history" that may rival the Scrapbook that was issued only on VHS about 12 years ago (you can get this on DVD through certain channels, or me), and the big reunion panel at Comic-Con. It's real value, especially for this holiday season.

So, I will spend the weekend to send off the latest batch of GSN shows to Canada, and hopefully get to see the latest Simpsons Halloween show before everyone else (thanks to a screener DVD). It will probably be minutes earlier. That depends on how far along I am to taping all the shows, along with the latest big winner on Deal or No Deal and Cloris Leachman recovering from losing her spot on Dancing With the Stars (Bonnie Hunt, you may have been luckier than you think).

Oh, and don't forget Joss Whedon's interview with Mother Jones. Click the "Mother Jones" to download.

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