Friday, December 18, 2009

A Recession Christmas

Even though my year was just about OK, mainly thanks to the biggest fan interview I ever had, I am still reminded that our economy is not as cheery and bright as it should be.
It's not unusual to see a homeless guy or two sleep out in the cold just a few blocks away from my apartment. I remember seenig one just outside my complex just a few days ago.
Meanwhile, business at Downtown Plaza isn't as good as it used to be. I discovered just after I got back from the Serenity Salute last month that the Suncoast Video place was closing down. A few yards away, the Doubleday Book store was also closing. This comes on top of the news that the shopping center could be sold. I now people are migrating towards target and Walmart for stuff, but this is ridiculous. You wonder if the only part of downtown Sacramento that will have open stores will be Old Sacramento.

State budget cuts are also dimming the cheeriness of the holiday. Usually at Sutter's Fort, there is a tree that's decorated with ornaments. Not so this year. There's still a lit tree outside the Capitol, as it should be. That's for the tourists.

Well, there's still a week before the big day. Maybe something will happen that will surprise me. I hope so.

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