Saturday, July 24, 2010

Am I getting too old for Comic-Con?

Maybe, or maybe it's getting too bad for San Diego.
Two days, and I spent most of those days on line.
Sure, the end result was worth it: seeing Joss and JJ Abrams, then Joss alone. Seeing Angelina Jolie. Seeing Helen Mirren blow people away with big guns. Seeing the Mount Rushmore of Kick-Ass. Riding in the Black Beauty.
only one thing: it's getting to the point where an attendee has to choose between missing several panels to see one big panel, usually at Hall H, or spend all day in line to miss a chance at buying cool stuff. Either buy stuff or stay in line.
That's not right.
Maybe it will get to a point where it'll be easier to see Comic-Con on pay-per-view than going there live. Imagine it: the Hall H Channel or Ballroom 20 channel, shopping on-line instead of being on the floor. It'll get to that.
Of course, it would be easier if those with press passes sign up for specific panels to be guaranteed a seat...if they have just cause. That would make things easier.
But for the average fan, not so much.

If I am asked to return for Whedonopolis, I would. I just wish Comic-Con would give priority access for the press if they sign up. Hey, that's why there are fast passes at Disneyland.

Well, if I do manage to get a major get tomorrow, it will be worth it. At least my laptop works. Too bad the wi-fi in the main building is hit and miss. They should flood the place, including the rooms, with wi-fi. Relying on specific hotspots just doesn't work.

So, for today, it's off to the new Hilton for the Guild. After that, I'll have to miss the Marvel event. I'll bet to accommodate everyone, they'd have to use Petco Park. If only they could.

If I finally win one of those autograph drawings from Dark Horse, that would also make up for the past two days. Doubt it, though.
I will have full reports Sunday night after I finally give the Westin 15 bucks for internet

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