Monday, July 26, 2010

Heading Back to Sacramento

Well, another Comic-Con has come and gone.
The good news is I met Patten Oswalt, attended my first Hollywood party, kind of, talked to the Guild about that Bollywood video, and already wrote four reports for Whedonopolis. I will later predict what will happen on Castle for the next five years. It will NOT include Kate and Rick having sex for real (but only in the books he writes).
Again, for all the economic power this convention produces, I think it's now too big for San Diego. People will get more out of the con through YouTube than any other way now. The lines are getting longer and longer while the space only expanded a little. Adding the Marriott and the Hilton Bayfront may help, but as Tom Petty once said, "the waiting is the hardest part." It also robs you of having some time to buy stuff. I only got a replacement plug for my iPod Touch, two Doctor Who tote bags made out of billboards (one will be sold on ebay), and three comic books (two that got autographed).
The enjoyment of the panel I did wind up seeing, from Joss and JJ, The Expendables, The Guild and Castle, does make it worth while. It's just that people may decide the only way to really enjoy Comic-Con is through what they can see from another guy's Flip Video Camera. If you don't believe me, see how many clips you can find of Conan O'Brien's recent tour on YouTube.
Marsia Powers, who works with me at Whedononpolis, says she's heard from professionals who also also sick of the lines and crowds. She thinks Comic-Con should lower the number of attendees to 100 thousand and raise prices. That's unlikely, but may be better than turning the rooms into large sardine cans...or places where people fight each other over chairs.

Still, some are keeping the faith. I saw this just after the last event ended...

Captain America..and his skunk?

Some are not going to let go of Comic-Con without a fight. We will know for sure soon. I agree with Captain America that Anaheim wouldn't work because the only downtown that's there is part of Disneyland. If downtown L-A had a Vons or Trader Joe's, then the decision would be over. You can also use the Metro Rail, too.

So, I will be back in 2011, working laptop and all. I just wish the organizers would turn up the wi-fi so you can do live blogging, even in Hall H or the Hilton Bayfront Indigo Ballroom. They should also set aside space for press if they ask. The real issue, though, is where will Comic-Con be in 2013, and whether fans decide it's better to see it on the Internet.
Otherwise, they'll be on-line...and I mean the line that never moves outside Hall H.

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