Monday, September 6, 2010


When I created Impaler General's Home Page in 2001, I did it as a place to do my Buffy and Angel recaps, and commentaries about what I felt about the show. I kept it going when Firefly was launched, and even through Dollhouse. I dedicated sections to my favorite conventions from Comic-Con to the legendary Flanvention, Browncoat Backup Bash, and Wolfram and Hart Revue, the original Buffy movie and even the late, lamented WB Bronze.

However, times do change. There's a ton of places where you can get the latest Whedonverse news, or get it even faster through Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, blogs are becoming the new webpages where we put our two cents worth about anything in the verse. I'm also a regular contributor to the Whedonopolis news site.

So, I have had to make some changes to the old home webpage. It used to be my home. Now, like most old real homes, I've changed mine into a museum. It will still be there as a place where I dedicate memories of classic cons. It will still have links to my blogs and Twitter.

It also brings up an interesting question: what's easier to have, a blog or a website? Well, I guess it also depends on the needs of the average fan. While fans want everything from pictures to news links and testimonials about their favorites, I am a reporter and commentator. Thus, blogs are better for me.

That being said, I just hate to get rid of my best memories, from Summer Glau saying I looked great being dressed as Simon in the Serenity movie premiere to my first Whedon con where I was pressed into being a temporary MC...and also talking to David Fury about those puppets from the Angel episode "Smile Time".

So, for all the latest rants, pleas come to this blog or The JW Network, or Whedonopolis under my impaler general byline. They'll still be going strong. I should be done with the conversion just before the NFL season starts.

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