Monday, September 6, 2010

An Interesting Way To Test Your Health

A while ago, I got a chance to interview Juliet Landau, aka Drusilla on Buffy, when she was in San Francisco. That interview is at Whedonopolis.
It took place at a small pop culture shop called Neon Monster at 22nd and Castro. It's interesting for several reasons...

Neon Monster

The monsters are very popular, along with the comic books and records they have. Also, this is at the foot of the door...

Neon Monster's Previous Life

This means this used to be a drug store before it was a comic book store. Reusing old buildings isn't that unusual, but I would think they'd replace that tile with the monster logo.

The most interesting thing about this place is that you have to climb a VERY steep hill to get there. If you can walk from the Castro Theater to 22nd and Castro, and not wind up out of breath, that really proves you're physically fit.
In fact, if you can walk to certain parts of San Francisco,and be able to conquer its hills, you're physically fit. Walking around town is better than a membership at 24 Hour Fitness.

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