Sunday, January 30, 2011

Donald Sutherland and the Walk of Fame

While my hopes of seeing Conan and Ellen Degeneres didn't work out (tip: call the Ellen Standby line hotline at 8:00:01 AM), I did enjoy seeing Donald Sutherland get his star on the Walk of Fame, just off of Hollywood and Orange. It is also where they shot an early scene from the original Buffy movie. It was where she was leaving a lousy movie. The building used to be a movie house, but has been converted to a fancy strip mall. It was also a chance to take my Kodak Zi6 for a whirl. Thing is, I also tried to take photos at the same time, and put both cameras above a few photographers who were in front of me.
However, the photos came out much better.....

Hearing His Resume

With Colin Farrell, who will be in a movie with Donald called "Horrible Bosses":

Colin Farrell for Donald Sutherland

and the sign, who is wondering when its first close-up is coming...

Hey, isn't this my moment?

The Flickr set is right here.

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