Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever, but COME ON!

For those who take life for granted, this has been a rough week.
First, Regis Philbin announces he's retiring from his morning show in New York. He's had a nice run, but most thought he;d never retire.
Besides, he's 79. Betty White is older and has a cable sitcom
Then, Keith Olbermann was kicked out of MSNBC, soon to the Comcast News Network. Let's not kid ourselves. He was the most popular guy on the network with Countdown, and now he's gone, Just like that.
At least Conan O'Brien was given a few days to vacate the premises. From what we hear, Olbermann was given the same exit deal. No TV for who knows how long, but he can be on the internet. If that means video blogs are OK, this will make him stronger. If there's something internet junkies have learned, the net can be one big channel.
Who knows? Maybe Regis will follow suit.

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