Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comic-Con Advertising In Review

One thing about Comic-Con is that movie studios and TV networks pull out all the stops to plug their new shows. Some are interesting, while others are not.

Let's start with the hotel-sized billboards, While they are impressive, it doesn't mean that they'll be successful. Remember when Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was pasted all over the place, or Cowboys vs. Aliens covering the Hilton? This year, we had this...

Look, the building is still on

NBC took over the Hilton with its new show, Revolution. The symbol even glowed at night.

This year's big Comic-Con billboard

Hopefully, SyFy can escape the Skyline curse with Defiance, a TV show that is also influenced by the video game that will be released at the same time. It'll be the first time you can watch and episode and maybe play it as a game.

Adventure Time!

To be honest, I preferred the Rainicorn Parade that was part of downtown last year for Adventure Time, but SuperFinn over a playground near the Marriott is pretty good, too.

No, that's not Dr. Manhattan or Dr. Bronx

OK, I didn't see Prometheus, so I didn't know this was an "Engineer" who supposedly had a hand in our creation, according to the movie.

Woof for Willard

These guys were at several street corners plugging Wilfred, along with some other guys dressed as dogs.

The pedicabs were often used as mobile billboards for lots of things at Comic-Con. This was my favorite from Once Upon a Time.

No, Stan Lee has not gone kawaii

I don't know if I can accept Stan Lee and an anime character, but it was an interesting way to plus his YouTube show.

Now that's a big shoe

Behold Shoebacca! I bet if Arnold Schwartzenegger would rather drive this beauty in Expendables 2 than the Smart Car he'll have to drive.

The 3112 Dodge Dart

I called this the 3112 Dodge Dart, as opposed to this year's Dart that was featured elsewhere at Comic-Con. This was part of Elysium, which is set far into the future.

Hey, who moved Aunt Marie's Grimmobile?

This should have been part of last year's Grimm panel at Comic-Con, but now that we know about Aunt Marie's Grimmobile, that brought in a lot of curious people.

The Hewlett-Packard Corral

This was the Hewlett-Packard Corral that plugged Django Unchained, mainly because it also included video games.

I would have snapped photos of other advertising, such as the Syfy Cafe Formerly Known As the Cafe Diem, but I spent a lot of time in line. This time, though, my patience paid off. I also got some interesting swag. More on that later.

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