Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comic-Con: Batman Motors

Well, Comic-Con is officially underway after an active Preview Night that included an unusual relay for charity and a super-packed exhibit room on Wednesday. I nearly got a copy of the Comic-Con movie on DVD, but found out it's not the one with Joss Whedon figures on them. I might get it today anyway since I am talking to Morgan Spurlock today. I also hope to talk to Felicia Day, depending on whether her meet and greet draws plenty of attention, too. Judging from her recent Flogs, I would say it will.

Of course, advertising for major events, including movies and TV shows, were everywhere. I'll have something on that by the weekend once the "ads" are fully installed. I will say that someone took Marie Kessler's airstream for some reason, and the Curse of the Super Billboards may stick for another year for one TV show, but maybe not the other. Also, please pause for the end of the Carpe Diem Cafe, which has been taken over by the Syfy Defiance at the Hard Rock Hotel.

My favorite was Batman Motors, as in every Batmobile used on TV and the movies, located just off Hall H.

Hey, Leno! Your car Collection Can't Compete With Mine

Hi, I'm Batman. I don't need a damn dog named Spot!
For anyone who needs an explanation for that remark, ask your grandparents about how they used to sell cars 30 years ago.
Actually, it's a rare chance to compare all the wheels the Dark Knight used over the years.

Of course, you have the first, and some say, the best from the 1960's...

The first and maybe the best...

That won't work in the dark 80s, though, so it had to chance when Michael keaton took over the role. Nice set of wheels, if you forget what's up in the grill...

Keaton Batmobile

There's the Batman Forever model, with Val Kilmer...

Kilmer Batmobile

The cheesy Batman and Robin model, with optional Rifftrax commentary...

Clooney Batmobile

and the two Tumblers from the Christopher Nolan era. Not so pretty but stripped down and ready for action...

One of the Tumblin' Mobiles

Batman's Other Tumbler

It's quite an evolution of Batman and his cars. Imagine what he'll use t oget around when the Dark Knight Rises next week.

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