Sunday, October 28, 2012

How To See A Broadway Musical For $25

I spent Sunday shopping like mad, mainly at the Fairfax Trading Post. I got an MTV All Access Pass...that was 12 years old...for 50 cents. I also got some pieces of TV history: a KRON TV button from the early 1970's and a Price Is Right ticket from 1980. I even have staitonary from a Disney film, The Rescuers.

Still, there was one dream I had to try...

The Book of Mormon Lottery

It's possible to get a ticket to Book of Mormon for 25 bucks. They just have a handful before each performance at the Pantages, but about a hundred people tried their luck including these two...

I Believe....I'll get inside for $25

You just fill out a form, and hope your name gets called. Mine didn't but I might try again.

Right now, I just hope that I get close enough to the red carpet Monday night for the Wreck-It Ralph event. Naturally, I'll have to wait until next weekend to see it, but it will be worth it. It'll help me forget that someone thought a sequel of the Smurfs should be made...and it has. That scared me more than Franenweenie, personally.

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