Sunday, October 21, 2012

Building A Future, Breaking a Record

A look at the future

In a way, I have been connected with soccer in San Jose. I was there when the Earthquakes joined the North American Soccer League. I was there when San Jose joined Major League Soccer. I even saw them when they were at Raley Field.

Me at the groundbreaking

So, when I heard about this groundbreaking of the team's new stadium at Coleman Avenue, not too far away from their current home of Buck Shaw Stadium, I decided to go and help out. Granted, there were two other reasons: I'd help set a new world record for biggest groundbreaking ever, and I would get a souvenir shovel, like these laid out ready for use....

Shovels at the ready

I am surprised the ground was pre-broken to make it easier to shovel. Hope that is part of the rules. I took some ground home as a souvenir.
The old record was 4532. Safe to say, it got buried. These are two of 6235 fans who got shovels for the team. A big chunk of the fans brought their own shovels, and were still part of the record.

There's Goals In Them Thar Hills

So what was it like to set a world record, and start the ball rolling towards a home the Quakes can call their own?

Quake fans celebrate the Really Big Dig

Just like that.

Would I come to the 2014 season opener at the new place at Coleman Avenue? Maybe.

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