Monday, March 4, 2013

ICWXP Comics Part 2: In Ludovico's Clutches

When last we left Rick Wolf, TopsyBot and Johnny Cylon in their attempts to strike back against Ludovico in the "lost time" between episodes 1.04 and 2.01, they were in the clutches of the evil corporation that even Wolfram and Hart is too afraid to work for (ask a Whedon fanatic).

Issue two of the ICWXP comic book series, called "The Belly Button of the Beast Is An Outie"  looks at Rick and Cylon basically trapped inside Ludovico HQ. Rick's in the chair where he's forced to see bad movies. Kincaid, hidden in shadows, taunts Rick but also promises him that he'll be with Cylon and TopsyBot again. However, he also adds to the torture thanks to some chopsticks. Meanwhile, Cylon is being examined by two scientists, and they're pretty impressed with how the bot is almost human.

Then, the story takes a strange turn: Rick's in a forest, making a remark that's a callback to the "Talking Car" short, then finds his pals. They also discover they are in a very unlikely place. This may be a hint that Rick's still stuck in a virtual reality.

It looks like Cylon and Rick will be at the mercy of Ludovico for some time, while TopsyBoy tries to fend for itself...and eventually come to the rescue.

Digital copies of both issues are available at, along with information about how to preorder the latest DVD, which is coming later this spring. Here's a preview of the next DVD, where Johnny Cylon conducts a very unusual interview that reveals a bit too much. It shows how the boys are keeping the humor of "host segments" from the MST3K days alive.

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