Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kickstarting My Heart's Desires, The Sequel

This blog is written just after the end of Rifftrax's diabolical plans to convince people to pay them to humiliate Twilight live in theaters this summer.
Turns out, it's worse than's a dream come true to thousands of people. That may have been obvious after the original goal of 55 thousand dollars was hit in just one hour.

Final tally from the Kickstarter campaign: $264,860 from more than 6100 people who hate sparkly vampires and living dead girls (hi, Kristen Stewart, despite your "I love Rock's Modern Life" speech at the Kids' Choice Awards). That's about 480 percent above the goal.
The extra cash will be used for a cool presentation, and additional blackmail in the form of embarrassing videos  funding. In case Lionsgate says no (killjoys), it's possible another major movie may be the target, such as Catwoman (which might make us appreciate Anne Hathaway more..or even at all), Son of the Mask, The Happening or even The Wicker Man (Nicholas Cage version) or Eragon. Nevertheless, it is going to be one major Rifftrax event. If Bella and Edward are on Rifftrax's crosshairs after all, will the Transformers be far behind?

Kickstarter has gotten a lot of attention because it helped bring the Veronica Mars movie finally come to live. The goal was much bigger, two million dollars, to show Warner Brothers that they want the Noir Nancy Drew to have a better fate than the final episode several years ago. Right now, it's raised four million, and may get a lot more now that overseas donations have been approved. It has more than two weeks to go, and the more cash it gets, the better quality we get.

Come to think of it, anyone want to ask Kristen Bell to be at the Rifftrax Major Event. Judging from her appearances on Craig Ferguson, she may be able to riff with the Rifftrax crew.

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