Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Those With Tender Ears

Granted, the American Family Association may be horrified by this, and demand that NESN should have its broadcasting licensed revoked. They may even demand that this foul-mouthed ruffian have his mouth washed out with soap, and apologize to the overly-fragile children at Fenway Park who had the misfortune to hear this.

Well, AFA....TOUGH!

The kids probably hear that from their own parents, or drunken fans in back on them. What David Ortiz said at the pre-game ceremony after Boston suddenly became a man-made Hellmouth for a week because its marathon was bombed by two guys was appropriate. Thanks to YouTube, it will also live on for all time...if you bothered looking for it...

What he said was an act of defiance against the people apparently responsible for the deaths of four people this week. Besides, you can always pretend he said "fracking" instead.

At least he's not like "Rob, Arnie and Dawn" at 98 Rock in Sacramento, who made some inappropriate remarks after the bombings that wound up getting them suspended. He's not like cable news, who tried to solve the crime as fast as those TV crime detectives, only to wind up looking like fools.

It's been a very cruel week for Boston, and he wanted to say something that proved Boston will survive, as New York came back after 9/11. Excuse his French, but it's fine this time.

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