Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Super Groovy Time In Sacramento

Smodquee for Kevin Smith

A long time ago, Kevin Smth tried to turn his classic movie Clerks into a cartoon show. ABC tried it for a while, but decided to end it after a few episodes. Looking back, it was an idea that was given to the wrong network a few years too early.

Now, Jason Mewes decided to turn a script Kevin had that featured those stoner super-heroes Bluntman and Chronic into a cartoon movie. So far, it's been well-received by fans as it's been presented as a roadshow. This past Tuesday, it reached the Crest Theater in Sacramento.

Small Posters

I waited until the last second to get a ticket. Granted, it was the cheap seats, but it's a much better view than the last row of  Hall H in San Diego, even if it doesn't include a big screen. This was my view...

Kevin and Jay from my seat

It was a pretty good deal: you get wry comments from Kevin and Jay,  and a way-out animation feast with a story better than whatever Battleship or Transform3rs could scrape together. Hearing an evil villain with the voice of Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls is kinda weird. Seeing Eliza Dushku as the main Big Bad, though, is more than worth it...or Neil Gaiman as the heroes' butler.

Anywho, it's about Jay and Silent Bob deciding to be super heroes after avoiding the chance to be heroes in three other familiar ways. The only reason the villains hate Bluntman and Chronic is, well, the same reason Callisto hates Xena (or the "it's your fault more or less that I'm evil" reason). It's got plenty of obscene but witty jokes, especially a comment on how Michael Bay will retcon the creation of a certain group of mutant turtles. The movie is preceded by Kevin and Jay's "Cartoon Lagoon" where they try to placate a shark named Benchley with a cartoon that's a spoof of Gremlins.

Then there's the podcast part, called Jay and Silent Bob Get Old It included Jason's really gross story about him having sex with his wife...

Scuzzy Sex Story from Jay

They also talk about a few other things, from The Dark Knight Rises to how just trying to make your own podcast can improve your life. They also fielded questions from the audience.

Jay and Noisy Kevin Podcastin'

and in this one, Kevin tries to cast a future Justice League movie..if and when that ever happens...

Casting the Smodco version of Justice League?

It wound up with a game where three people tried to come up with some pretty weird sex positions. One position involved doing pretty obscene things while writing a story for the Sacramento Bee. Good news is this will be released a podcast, and eventually on home video.

I was hoping to show Kevin my copy of a 2005 issue of TV Guide Canada where he and Jason were on the cover. They were in a few episodes of DeGrassi back then. I was hoping they'd sign it, but they had to go. If I somehow manage get to Comic-Con this year, I'll try again.

So, it was a super-groovy time, and here's hoping Kevin and Jason come back soon.

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Danielle Chidester said...

thank you for posting those pictures I was on the balcony floor and my camera wouldn't work. It was a very awesome show and I agree I they come back to Sacramento Soon. I could go for some Hollywood Babylon.