Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mr. B Natural Gets a Kickstarter From Rifftrax

The first rewards for those who donated cash for Rifftrax Live's riffing of Starship Troopers are starting to arrive. Some will get a t-shirt, an autographed poster, or $3.99 towards a movie riff or anything else. Others will get an extra five bucks later.

The big news that the shorts package includes the new version of the classic "Mr. B Natural" short. It looks like this came from a Something Weird DVD, since there's a "SWV" watermark just as Mr. B is on the edge of convincing Buzz to learn how to play the trumpet so he can be a happy king or whatever.
Rifftrax has re-riffed Manos for a live show that will eventually be available to everyone soon, and also Bloody Pit of Horror, which Incognito Cinema Warriors XP took on a few years ago. What can the Riffers Three--Mike Nelson, Bill Borbett and Kevin Murphy--do with this?

UPDATE: You can find out now, because it's finally available on Rifftrax. Here's the link.

Just like Manos, it's a more complete version than the MST version. There are new scenes where a music teacher inspects Buzz's teeth and posture to decide what instrument he should have, and Mr. B leaps out of Buzz's room through the window ("Oh my God, she's pizza").

Some riffs are used in both versions, although not exactly on purpose, such as the "COOONNNNNN" joke, a case of "bad touch", one of the workers as a Bowery Boy, and a "shell game" bit.

Now let's compare:

Opening credits with the band forming the word, "Conn" (which sponsored the short)

MST3K;  (singing) C'mon and buy some crap from us, you know that you want to...
Rifftrax (Bill, sounding like Patton):  When you put your hand in a pile of goo that just a minute ago was in the tuba player's stomach, you know what to do

Mr. B shows up: "Boy, am I glad to see you":

MST3K (Crow): Well, it's not mutual
Rifftrax (Mike):  God, is that you?

Mr. B stretches out on the music stand

MST3K (Joel):  Is this Liberace's mom? (Note: No. Debbie Reynolds is Liberace's that HBO movie Hollywood studios unwisely threw away)
Rifftrax (Mike):  Wow, Mr. B Natural is one hippy son of a gun, ain't he?

Mr. B inside Buzz's room, playing a trumpet like a happy king

MST3K (Joel): Mr. B, shame on you. Have you no sense of decency?
Rifftrax (Kevin):  Yep, that's a tyrannical king dance if I ever saw one

Mr. B tells Buzz to "check your horn, boy"...

MST3K (Crow): ...and wash it every day
Rifftrax (Bill):  Make sure it's never set to "ska".

There's also riffs on Fred Durst, the NSA, Judy Blume, Taco Bell, Bronies and George Michael, and a prediction of how Buzz's life goes down the drain after rock and roll makes him uncool. The MST3K version was a little more dated since it has jokes on Prince, Jodie Foster, and Martin Sheen. Rifftrax's version is a bit darker, especially on how Mr. B is kind of creepy. On the other hand, Joel liked Mr. B a bit too much. That was also upsetting.

Again, it's available now at

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