Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kevin Murphy on Sharknado-Mania and Rifftrax's 2015 Schedule

Rifftrax's first live event of 2014, Sharknado, is now available for video stream or download. It was a big hit in theaters last July, and is likely to be a big hit for those who saw it live, and those who got a second chance this week.

I sent some questions by e-mail to Kevin Murphy about this movie, and what's coming up later this year.

First I asked if he and the rest of the crew were surprised about how popular the Sharknado show has become? He said, "I was surprised and delighted in how many people liked this show, I mean it was nuts."
As for whether they'll take on Sharknado 2, he just said, "We'll see."
Actually, that may be more likely this summer. More details here.

I also asked if he heard from the two stars, Tara Reid and Ian Zierling, he said "I know Ian tweeted about the show, and was a good sport about this." As fans remember, Dina Meyer tweeted about the live riff on Starship Troopers more than a year ago.

Earlier this month, the crew did a live show as part of Sketchfest in San Francisco. "I love doing the Sketchfest shows," he said. "Always a great audience, and we get to work with some of our best show biz friends" (Actually, he may have tried to type "bestest" there). Rifftrax taped the 2013 show, but no word yet on whether this year's show will also be available.

Here's the trailer from the Sharknado show, which is available at the Rifftrax website:

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