Monday, November 23, 2015

Meet the New Mad of MST3K, Dr. Codex!

Yes, the rumors are true, and getting five and a half million dollars for a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 just got a lot eaiser.

Internet goddess and NYT best-seller Felicia Day will be the new nemesis for Jonah Ray and Crow and Servo 2.0. While many of us in the Whedonverse already know the greatness that is Felicia, apparently Joel wasn't quite familiar with her, He knew her from The Guild and Dr. Horrible, but never met her.
Then, as he recalled in his latest update:

(About) 6 or 8 weeks ago at the Salt Lake ComicCon. I got a message from my booking agent, saying "Did you know Felicia Day really wants to meet you?" Interesting. So we met in the green room that afternoon, and she was funny and sweet. She's kind of a goof, but there's also this manic side to her that will let her do "crazy"

Felicia also said in Facebook that she was a big fan of the show with her brother. Anyway, Joel asked via Twitter if she'd be interested in the reboot, and she, well, seemed to be interested....A LOT!
We're still not sure how Kinga (Felicia's role) is Clayton Forrester's daughter unless this is something from before the experiments began. Apparently, according to the latest video, Kinga hopes the show will help her take over whatever she wants to take over. Bad movies won't force people to beg for mercy as long as Sharknado and Transformer movies will be made. Just as long as she's not someone Jonah (Ray) dated, it'll be fine.

The latest update also gives info about the new voices for Crow and Tom Servo, who'll be played respectively by Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn. Joel said he wanted them not to sound like the previous versions of the bots but provide their own take. This is what Joel was talking about when he had hoped the show would go through four or five versions if it stayed on the air. Fans would choose their own "golden age" while respecting what we have now. That's why I had the alternate history a while back.

So, fans are hoping to hit the halfway point by Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving. With Felicia joining, that should be a cinch. She should get fans from Buffy, Dollhouse, The Guild and Dr. Horrible (especially that, since Neil Patick Harris is also a MSTie). Let's hope for the best this week.
Of course, the Kickstarter site for #BringBackMST3K is

Update: here's the video from YouTube, and yeah, Felicia has left Charlie and Codex far, far behind.

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