Thursday, November 19, 2015

Total Riff-Off 3: Monster Beats Man Again

Behold the famous jungle master, Richard Terry, finding what he thinks is the legendary Brazilian bigfoot, the mapinguari.
Or he gives us a story about how he thinks he'll find a monstrous beast, but finds something a whole lot less.
This is the third annual Total Riff-Off, where Rifftrax mocks nature shows from the National Geographic Channel. Considering the channel was recently bought by Rupert Murdoch, Man V. Monster is now Fox's perfect idea of a nature show, promising some big monster and delivering something not so threatening. It's just like its news channels.
But enough of the political humor....

This time, Terry's in Brazil, looking for the mapinguari, who reportedly attacked people at a local village. What he winds up finding are a wild pig, a poisonous snake, a big anteater, and finally this hairy sloth. The show naturally exaggerates how much danger the guy is, but the Rifftrax crew see right through it. It's too bad this wasn't part of NatGeo Wild, along with a second hour mocking some of the other shows.

Anyway, it's not quite as weird as the previous two MvM shows that Rifftrax has shown, but still very funny.
So here's some of the riffs:

Terry tries to climb down a gorge to cross a raging river
Mike:  Meanwhile, there's a family of chupacabras ten feel away just shaking their heads

Terry says the locals captured a wild pig
Bill:  he's quoting the border guards who detained Randy Quaid.

After mistaking howler monkeys for the mapinguari, he says "It's another dead end"
Bill:  Man v. Monster summed up in four words

One of the locals describe how smelly and violent the monster was
Kevin:  It was Wolverine sculpted out of limburger cheese

Terry heads into a forest looking for a tree to climb.
Kevin:  He travels to exotic places to get great footage of himself.

There's also riffs on Burt Reynolds, Nick Nolte (again), Guns and Roses, the Property Brothers and a pizza mascot.

The latest Total Riff-Off is available at the Rifftrax website.

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