Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back at Comic-Con, How Things Have Changed

So far this is my favorite picture from Comic-Con. Just in case I can't pose next to Tom Servo and Crow, at least I have this.

Things have changed. As I have noticed, a basement at the US Grant Hotel was enough to house Comic-Con. Now, San Diego is barely able to house Comic-Con. It's wall-to-wall advertising with the hotels and restaurants being the billboards. It's like downtown is more Times Square than Times Square.

But we love it. We love seeing 20 feet tall Powerpuff Girls. We love a group of Mr. fSociety guys giving us their faces. We love having a chance to see a big movie early, rising dehydration to see Star Trek Beyond in Imax outdoors. That's never been done, and it will be enough to make Ghostbusters of any gender afraid.

It's just too bad it's almost impossible to see the panels we want because the lines are longer than Disneyland at the height of summer. Where else can people line up for Hall H panels for the next day before noon?? We all want that chance to see our favorite stars in person, and that's what made Comic-Con big.

I've been disappointed so far, but there's been good things. While I couldn't get a proper press pass (but can still help out with the annual "Once More With Feeling" showing with some very special added attractions), I still got some bargains and the Marvel posters I wanted, I missed out on Star Trek Beyond but saw SyFy's attempt to give fans nationwide a live taste of the event. Thanks to some quick thinking, I can still see the Con Man cast and Joel Hodgson thanks to special events. It'll be a miracle if I can see Joss Whedon at Hall H

The best thing, though, is that some big celebrities will be smart enough to appear in events where people don't need a Comic-Con badge. This will be helpful for Agents of SHIELD, who hopes this coming season won't be the last. MST3K also is going this route, although it doesn't need it that much.

So, my next plan for Friday is hoping to get a Conan figure by drawing the right ticket at the Hyatt. If that doesn't pan out, it's not too bad. I already have one. After that, I'm hoping to get a Time Lord's autograph, and who knows that else.

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