Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back From Comic-Con: Pretty Good Visit To Sauna Diego

This was the view from my hotel room at Comic-Con, and I still wonder why those two towers weren't forced to be a billboard for something, while the Marriott Marquis wasn't so lucky.

Actually, it was a pretty good Comic-Con aside from the heat. I was able to snag some bargains and won a couple of prizes, too. I was also able to actually provide some good video for Whedonopolis through covering a couple of panels on MST3K and Agents of SHIELD. I also was able to get inside Hall H and saw the Preacher Read-Through of last Sunday's episode.
Thing is, I got inside because Joss Whedon didn't sell out Hall H. There were actually many empty seats. That is almost as tragic as whatever happened at the Republican Convention that same week. Whatever project he has cooking, I sure hope it gets him back on top again.

My favorite moment was the MST3K panel where Joel revealed the new era will be at Netflix, also home to Marvel and House of Cards. That could be enough for me to dump my Amazon Prime subscription. It also inspired this..

Dr. Erhardt is so upset he's now the Brian Dunkleman of MST3K

If I'm disappointed about anything it's not getting into the premiere of Star Trek Beyond. I always wanted to know if an IMAX drive-in was possible. Since it turned out to be a hit, they're bound to try it again next year. The other bummer was not getting a ticket to a taping for Conan. I did manage to get one of his POP figures, so it worked out. I prefer to get one by being at the show, though. What surprised me is this..

Since Conan will be back next year, expect people to try to trade the 2015 Conan POPs for what's coming next year (like maybe a Conan Star-Lord maybe?).

Here's some of my other photos:

The last picture is the picture of irony, isn't it?

To be honest, I really wish Reno had a Wizard World even this year because it's not so crowded, and I can hammer out stories faster with better wi-fi from my house. I'll have to wait another year for that.
Still, I am pumped for next year. 2017 will be the year of the Slayer, and the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, among other things. D23 or not, Disney should show up for Comic-Con next year because that movie is the reason why San Diego's covered in Times Square-sized ads for a week.

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