Monday, November 3, 2008

What if the Browncoat Party took over?

Thanks to Whedonesque, I found something at Buffyfest which projected what would our country be like if the Slayer Party defeated Obama and McCain tomorrow. Could you cheer for a President Giles, Vice President Wyndham-Pryce, or support Buffy for Secretary of Defense, and Angel as National Intelligence Director? Some of the other choices are interesting, and more likely if there were still alive.

But this reminded me of something I found in io9 which gave ten alternative presidential tickets to the ones we're facing. One of them is Reynolds/Washburn, better known as Mal and Zoe. They're the "damn prettier" version of McCain/Palin, and more interesting, too. Actually, the ticket was Mal and Wash, but Zoe works better. Also, a more interesting ticket would be Jayne Cobb/Vera, but that's only if his gun could talk. Even though the election is done a Reynolds/Washburn campaign t-shirt is still a nice thing to wear, and it benefits Equality Now. Just click here to learn more.

Of course, this would all work if the Alliance had a democratic government that included everyone, even the border planets and people who kind of like the Browncoat way. Nah, I don't think such a government exists either, not in the Firefly-verse anyway. BUT...if it did, I guess they'd have an Electoral College or parliamentary system. If the Browncoat Party did have a signal that couldn't be stopped, aside from the other one from the movie, what roles would the Serenity crew have in government?

Simon is a cinch as Health Secretary, Jayne and Vera as Secretary of Defense, Inara as Secretary of State, Kaylee as Secretary of Transportation, and a much healthier River Tam as Secretary of Education, who would crack down of the Academy that she attended to make sure the "gifted" get a good and safe education.

How about those who aren't exactly Mal's best friends? The Operative, who becomes a bit more enlightened about the world, could be a good Chief of Staff. Badger may come up with interesting trade deals, and Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget sounds like a CIA head to me.

As someone once said, what do you think, sirs?


Michelle said...

I'd definitely vote Mal for President!

Tee said...

Oh sure! This is fun...

Mr. Universe could be some sort of anti-FCC head (never stopping the signal).

Shepard Book would definitely consult there somewhere.

Simon could also be the Surgeon General.

David Mello said...

This "cabinet" is based on events after the movie. Otherwise, Book would have been a key advisor. Then again, maybe President Mal would ask himself "what would Book do?" in difficult situations.