Friday, April 24, 2009

100 posts and other milestones

On my MySpace is a countdown timer that says that I will turn 50 in less than eight weeks.

I can say with a lot of confidence...I probably won't get a party or gag gifts or anything like that.
When you get older, the chance of birthday cake, balloons or any goofy gifts decline a bit, or a lot. Another season is the fact I work overnights at my radio station. Thus, the people I work for won't be able to join me to wish me a happy birthday. During the day, some of the staff do get the cake and the "Happy Birthday" song when it's their special day. Since I work along, I don't.
So, hitting 50 will be just like any other day, and I've been used to it.
To be honest, I rarely enjoy birthday wishes. The last time anyone baked a birthday cake for me was the day after I graduated from high school. It was also the day I threw away plastic frames and switched to wire frames. Three years later, I bought my first beer, a can of Tecate without lime or salt. I did that later.
In 1992, when I worked in Eureka, I got a big cookie for my birthday...then laid off five months later. Of course, that's something other people are experiencing now.
Eight years later, I got to see a Giants game in the Press Box at Pacific Bell/AT&T Park. Since then, not much.

Also, I wouldn't know how to celebrate hitting 50. Would I go to San Francisco, and where would I go? How could I get friends to join me? It's best that I treat it like any other day, and just work. Maybe I should have been born a month later, and I could combine my birthday with Comic-Con. Not only would I have a better time, I could combine it with actually being part of the press there.

Or...maybe being 50 may be better than I expected. I don't know how, but that is what the future is for. I just wanted to say how I feel right now.

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