Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just like changing banks against your will

Since 2000, I have had my own little piece of the internet, thanks to Yahoo Geocities. It is known as Impaler General's Home Page.

These days, it's more of a scrapbook of my days as a loyal Joss Whedon fan. I have special sections on conventions I have attended, includnig the Browncoat Ball, historic moments like the day Angel got cancelled, and even a memorial to the old WB Bronze, the first true fan bulletin board from which all others are least in spirit.

So imagine my surprise when I got this message...

After careful consideration, AT&T Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities later this year.

You can continue enjoying your GeoCities service until then, and when we close, we'll make it easy for you to transition to AT&T Yahoo! Web Hosting. You don't need to change a thing right now — we just wanted you to let you know about the closure as soon as possible. We'll share more details this summer.

I pay 60 bucks a year for extra storage, which is worth it. I am proud of my little home page, which contains rare history, along with web awards from long ago. I don't want to lose that. I am sure other owners of Geocities websites are on my side.
This is just like people who have Washington Mutual bank accounts waking up to find they're now part of Chase. You're told nothing will change, but you still have to wonder.
Granted, getting into blogging is great because it's helped me with my writing skills. It's a more direct way of communication to people. Still, I like my web site, and Yahoo Geocities better let me keep it when AT&T takes it over. Heck, they should give me a discount because of long-time loyalty.

So, God willing, Impaler General's Home Page will still be around, even if I roll the dice and try Google. AT&T better give me a reason to stay with them. I'm still waiting for them to offer U-Verse, otherwise known as my only chance to give Comcast the finger, in my neighborhood.

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