Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Scooby Gang is Growing Up, and Other Thoughts

This week I am off to Los Angeles again for the Paley Festival. I will be seeing the Dollhouse panel, which I am sure some people predict will be a wake for what is now a program that should be too intriguing to die. Still, with some people claiming that Joss isn't too confident the show will last past May 8th, you can't help but pray for another season. The other panel is definitely a wake: the showing of the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies, which should look even more incredible on the big screen. That's worth 15 dollars. I kind of hope that someone from the cast will drop by to say thanks to those who supported the show. After the show, I may just head to the House of Pies to pay my respects.

The real reason for this post, however, is admitting that it has been a long time since a little girl named Buffy, who is born to slay vampires, came into our lives...as long as we were near a WB station. In fact, it's been 12 years since the show started.

It really dawned on me yesterday when I learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar is now 32. Nick Brendon just turned 38 (!) while Alyson Hannigan is now 35. David Boreanaz, the one true repenting vampire, will turn 40 next month (about a month before 50 pins me to the mat), while James Marsters aka Spike is 46(!!). Also, Charisma Carpenter is also 38. If Sunnydale was still around, we'd have enough to create a horror version of Desperate Housewives. That's quite a long way from Sunnydale High School.

On the other hand, they would be the perfect group to establish a new generation of Slayers, led by not-quite-Slayer-but-on-her-way, Dawn. Since Michelle Trachtenberg is only in her mid-20's, that may be an interesting idea. Eliza Dushku, as Faith, could also help out as a young Watcher..and Slayer, too. Throw in Felicia Day as a Slayer and internet icon and you could have something there.

Realizing how old our Scooby Gang is right now makes me dread hitting 50 a bit less. It also shows that if we do get a new set of Tales of the Slayers for TV or the movies, I'd rather have Emma Roberts or Kristen Stewart cast as a Slayer than, say, anybody from Gossip Girl or 90210.

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