Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Carolla Was Right....

When he was doing his morning show in L-A, which can be heard anywhere thanks to iTunes, he would often rant about how city officials would screw up on building permit requests. I would sympathize with his rants, and even more so now.

My apartment complex has been without hot water for two days because of a gas leak under the building. This not only means very cold and very quick showers, but also no hot water to wash clothes. Of course, that can be resolved by just going to a nearby laundromat..but where do you go to get clean?

I've done my best by doing very quick but thorough showers with cold water, then boil hot water to wash my hair and shave. It's worked out, but very inconvenient.
The word from my landlord is that the city's dragging its feet on approving a city permit for the repairs. Without that, SMUD can't sign off on the repairs, and the staff can't restart the water heater. It's a case of the city not recognizing a problem because it's not affected directly. They also say it's due to staff shortages after budget cuts. Well, excuses doesn't warm up my shower, guys. Hopefully, this will be resolved by Friday. Otherwise, it will be a long weekend for the complex without hot water for showers, even if it's the Memorial Day weekend.

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