Sunday, April 4, 2010

The First Kid On My Block....

Aside from a little thing called Wondercon, and news about silly things like movies or TV, there was something more important happening at the Apple store in San Francisco...

65 Years ago, they'd be waiting for nylons

Way back in the 40's you'd expect this crowd to get the latest shipment of nylons. Now, it's the iPad, Apple's newest invention that will change computers forever. From the early reviews, they may be right. It's a big iTouch, but imagine surfing the net, typing, and everything you can do with an iPhone with this iPad. It's even got a non-speaking part on Modern Family, for crying out loud.
While I am tempted, I'll stick with my laptop, and see if the Windows-verse has anything similar I hear Hewlett-Packard will pretty soon, and it will include what the iPad doesn't have, like an USB port, a webcam, and a less silly name.

Still, the iPad is the Breakthrough of the Hour...until iPad 2 has what it doesn't have now. or now, this man has the most famous new toy in the world, and the first to get it that day.

Bigger than getting the first HDTV

He says he can't wait to get it home and try it. At least for now, Christmas came in April for Apple fans. For more demanding computer nerds, it may come when Windows has its own version, with the webcam and USB ports.

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