Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wondercon: Other Impressions

As my annual Wondercon weekend comes to a close, I am preparing for the Chuck press conference that NBC had the courtesy to tell us about, unlike other networks I know. While my hotel is comfortable and close to the action, next time I will choose one with free coffee and internet. Travelodge, all is forgiven.

That said, some other impressions...

James Marsters at Wondercon

James Marsters meeting with fans. He's now in the center of things on Caprica. We should know more this fall.

Pull the chopsticks, win a prize

California Browncoats have an interesting way to wait money for charity. Just choose the lucky chopsticks!

Tom Servo's Kissing Booth

This would make both fans of MST3K and Naruto wonder...a lot

Try this, Tea Party

Considering he made a census taker's life interesting in an SNL sketch in 2000, why not? He'd also demand more cowbell.

He's not Nick Cage

As you can see, Wondercon needs someone who checks place cards with the actors. Not only that, Nicholas Cage didn't use that place card. By the way, this is Columbus Short, Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana plugging The Losers

From Watchman to Boogey Man

Jackie Earle Haley, the new Freddy Krueger, and also still a Watchman and Chris Chance's best friend on Human Target

After the Dark Knight...

Christopher Nolan, a big surprise at Wondercon, and he had more footage from a very wild sci-fi flick called Inception. It has Leo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Michael Caine...and that is only the beginning

Big Daddy...and how

Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Boy

Wait's who's McLovin?

Kick-Ass will do just that. Here's some pix of Nicholas Cage, Aaron Johnson, Clark Duke, Chris Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz. Cage had some interesting things to say about how comic books have been a big part of our culture, about the came as old mythology. Johnson is actually British, and Duke is still that damn funny! I still say he looks like the son of the PC guy from the Apple ads.
And...if Joss wants to remake the original Buffy movie, he should call Chloe, especially after her Hit Girl scenes. If she can also do justice to the US version of Let the Right One In, she will hit it big.

One more thing...I am through with V. I don't like seeing Morena Baccarin so cold and stoic she makes Spock look like Jim Carrey. At least the V's from the '80s had some personality. Must be that Bliss that she uses to controls her followers. Ruins the acting.
The only interesting plotline is one of the Vs discovering he's made his girlfriend pregnant, and that it's making her do very scary things.
But after seeing Anna try to make an army by choosing a sperm donor, having the ugliest sex ever, then killing the guy like she was a Black Widow, forget it. Not even John May can save this. This is why Captain Tightpants can count on anoher busy TV season but a Companion may not.
One more thing...when Wondercon decided to show trailers before the Kick-Ass panel, the crowd loudly booed the latest Twilight movie. This is not a sign the movie will be a bomb (it'll make its usual 125 mil). It just shows their resentment towards Twilight fans who have flooded the Comic-Con crowds...and for what? Shirtless werewolves? A lot of supernatural angst?
We have that. it's called Buffy the Vampire Slayer...and Vampire Diaries, if you say.

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