Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wondercon: Never Been To A Protest Before

Just after I arrived at Wondercon this past weekend, I saw this guy...

Say, who is this Flynn

I had heard of these guys. They think one of the most famous video game developers is hiding somewhere and Encom, the company he made, won't look for him. In fact, Alan Bradley, who knows more about the bottom line than being online, has been living on Flynn's success. He's supposed to be at a press conference at the Embarcadero near the Hyatt Regency.

Then, this started to circulate...

A pamphlet of protest

A protest meeting at the Hyatt Regency, instead of some abandoned complex? Well, I'll tag along.
Actually, this was part of a secret pan to tell the world about Flynn, and how he can be saved from the evil Encom...or worse.
However, anyone who knows more about the plot of Tron Legacy says it's a bit trickier than that. In fact, Bradley's announcement that Space Paranoids will be going online just like XBox Live means gaming is about to take a whole new affecting ours.

So, here's some of the pictures before the event started...

Press conference

Alan Bradley

Bradley himself, who looks a lot like Bruce Boxlietner...

Big announcement from Alan Bradley

The announcement of Space Paranoids online...

Imagine this in XBox Live?

Then...things take a sudden turn...

This wasn't planned

The protest group, Flynn Lives, takes the stage, saying Encom should spend its money on finding him, while his son is doing just that. Both will have a big surprise in store...

Who lives? Flynn Lives!

And to paraphrase Billy Bragg, Join the struggle while you may, the next revolution is just a website away...

The Internet Will Be Televised

That was followed by someone jumping out of a company helicopter, which I didn't get a good picture of. He landed, and there's word it could have been Flynn's son. Again, everyone is unaware where Flynn really is..but his son will find out--and how.
The "protesters" got some cool swag for their trouble, and may get more. Those who have registered with have recorded the fact there were at the protest, and plan to do more things for Flynn. After all, July in San Diego is perfect protest weather.
As for me, I applied for a fake Encom pass. Who knows when it may come in handy.
The footage of the press conference, of course, will be part of the movie. I probably won't since I had a Warner Brothers bag with me. Can't have that in a Disney movie.

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