Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar weekend, day one

One thing I have learned from the first day of my Oscar weekend: go as soon as you can, or you'll find out the admission price is slightly less than what you have to pay when the DVD arrives. 16 bucks for a 2-D movie? Nah!

I did get to see comedian Doug Benson at Meltdown Comics. He's trying out some of his new material for a CD he had to make before April 20, or 4/20 (basically Marijuana Day).

The main event, of course, is the Academy Awards, in its final year at the Kodak Theater. No, it's not going to the Nokia just like every other awards show. The Kodak has to change its name because the naming rights have evaporated along with Kodak's financial viability. For a change, I decided to take pictures at night...

Oscar at night, part one

Kodak Theater, the final days

Also a picture of the Oscar statue next to the entrance..

Oscar's final night at the Kodak Theater

Smile for the cameras

Even though the area is protected by a steel fence, it';s still possible to get a picture or two of what is on the Red carpet, such as bleachers and signs...

Oscar bleachers

I was hoping 1iota could get me on the bleachers, cameras or no cameras. However, I didn't make the grade for some reason. I'm just glad that I didn't need a tux this time. I doubt they'll decide to let me in at literally the last second, but at least I want to be somewhat close to the action, fence or no fence. One thing is for sure, I will not do this again unless I get a guaranteed spot in the Oscar Red Carpet bleachers, and even getting that far is tougher than winning Super Lotto Plus.

I will try to be as Oscar-y as possible, and I'll show everyone how Sunday night.

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