Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wondercon Preview: TV and Spider-Man, at least

Wondercon is two weeks away, and it's taking place in Anaheim this year while San Francisco's Moscone Center is getting renovated.
It's an interesting choice since Anaheim's Convention Center has often been seen as the future home of Comic-Con because of the facility's size. This may be he city's chance to maybe get the big convention someday, even though San Diego officials are finally starting preparations to expand their convention center. It's safe to say fans will at least have some breathing room as they move from one panel to another, but more Southern California fans will be packing the place.

I'll be there for Whedonopolis, hoping that maybe the Man Himself (Joss, who else) will give us a preview of The Avengers, and the long-awaited sneak peak of The Cabin In The Woods after it gets its premiere at the South by Southwest event.
As for March first, though, no word yet. It looks like the big attraction will be Amazing Spider-Man, with a guaranteed Emma Stone sighting (le sigh). As far as TV is concerned, the list of shows will be more optimistic than last year. Remember when the cast of V was optimistic about a third season that never came? Not this year...while one show may be facing the end, others will be announcing big news about a future which will definitely come.

Friday's schedule has 21 Jump Street, which premieres that day. It's still a chance to see Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. There's also a premiere of a new DC animated feature, Superman Vs. The Elite.

Saturday is Movie Day. Fox will have a panel, and it may include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Prometheus. There'a another one on Snow White and the Huntsmen and Battleship. Sony's panel will talk Spider-Man, but also the latest Resident Evil movie.
Notice anything missing? Yup, no panel on The Hunger Games, which premieres a week later, or The Avengers, which kicks off the summer season. Hopefully, that will change. At least do what happened last year, when people got their own SHIELD badges.
Whedonopolis will be looking at a panel that promotes Felicia Day's new YouTube channel Geek and Sundry. She's going beyond the Guild now, although we hope there's some info about whether we'll have one more season.

TV will dominate Sunday. The main ballroom will have panels on Alcatraz, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, and Community. The last one may get the most interest, because it'll be held just a few days after its return to NBC. The weekend will close with Dr. Horrible, but Jane Espenson, who is now with Once Upon a Time but is one of the major writers of the Whedonverse, has a panel at the same time. I'll probably go to that. I have Dr. H in my iPod on DVD.

It'll be the first time I've stayed in Anaheim. I was at a Wizard World event. While the center is really big, the area lacks several things that downtown San Diego has: public transit, nice local restaurants, more theaters, and at least one CVS within walking distance. While there is a Downtown Disney, complete with multiplex that doesn't meet up to the Metreon, it's not the same as a real downtown. Petco Park si also within walking distance, and it's becoming more of a part of Comic-Con these days. SO, I'll be glad when Wondercon heads back north next year. It's a NorCal thing while Comic-Con can stay a San Diego thing.

Now, the schedule will likely change, and I hope Joss will head down to Disneyland to give us big surprises. It's been years since he's been at Wondercon, and this year he doesn't have to drive very far. Just sayin'.

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