Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Weekend, Epilogue

As I am typing this, I am hearing Seth Rogan doing his opening monologue at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica. If I am dumb enough to try to be in L-A during Oscar weekend, I'd go to Santa Monica first because there's a better chance to see stars than at Hollywood and Highland.

Here's the difference between the Oscars and Independent Spirit Awards: you wish whoever was hosting the ISAs was hosting the Oscars. If it aired live again as it used to be, it would be perfect. Rogan's monologue was really biting, especially commenting about how Brett Ratner lost his Oscar producing gig, and how it wouldn't have happened if he produced the Grammys. This led to a Chris Brown joke that Rogan admitted didn't work with everyone. He also praised that classic silent move....Drive (there were words in that movie, not necessarily from Ryan Gosling). I say in 2018,  the Academy should call Rogan.

Oh, and I'll see your Billy Crystal Oscar movie song, and raise you Garfunkel and Oates' musical tribute to the ISA nominees for Best Picture. It would make Billy quietly leave the stage...and it's an original song, made by goofy musical chicks who were one of the few good things from Jay Leno's 10 PM show! By the way, how come they haven't been invited back?

Anyway, here's when you know the party's over....

Sorry, one day too late

Hey, where are the bleachers? The Red Carpet? That dictator guy?
Yes, they work fast once the show is over. This is about 12 hours after the end of the Governor's Ball, or when Sean Young tried to get in without a ticket.
This, though, really says it all...

Oscars, the day after

Sleep tight, Giant Oscars. You'll be surprised how quickly a year can pass...and how quickly we forget who won the year before.

Another sign: Ryan Seacrest's ultimate nightmare....

Beautiful Downtown Wadiya?

This will be all over L-A until The Dictator is released in a couple of months. Until then, expect Ryan to wear two jackets, dress shirts, whatever until then. You know why.

Now, a few other things...

Envy him!

I met Dee Thompson at Hollywood and Highland, and he had a book about how he got to see the Oscars without a ticket. It was back in 1997, and could never happen now. Still, it's a great story, and here's a link to his book.

Hey, since when is the sign lit?

Had to add this one: the former Pacific Theater, which is now used as a church, usually doesn't have its sign lit. However, on Oscar Sunday, it did.

Nerdist Room

Meltdown Comics on Sunset is one of the new places that has a sometime comedy club in the back. This was my first stop to see Doug Benson try out new jokes for a CD he's supposed to make.

Finally, a billboard we may not see for long...

Read it and week, Saint Louis

This promotes Albert Pujols as the reason why the Angels could be back in the World Series, but they may not use the "el Hombre" slogan for long. It was located on Sunset.

So, next stop in two weeks is Wondercon in Anaheim this year, because the Moscone Center in San Francisco is under construction. I'll have a LOT to say about this soon. I am only going because Joss has a lot of stuff coming, and I'm hoping he'll be there to talk about it. We may even hear about a sequel to Husbands, too.

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