Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rifftrax Live DVD: Jack the Giant Killer

Later this summer, The Rifftrax Gang (aka Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett) will be doing another live show and take on probably the most infamous movie in MST3K history, Manos, the Hands of Fate.

In anticipation for this, the DVD version of the last live show, Jack the Giant Killer, has just been released. It may remind people of a previous MST3K entry, The Magic Sword. The only difference is there's no actors you've heard of (including Basil Rathborne) or anyone yelling "I'm a Grimwold Warrior" (yes, that's from another movie, but still...). However, you may be using the phrase "seizing the bone" a lot.

It's a cheesy fairy tale flick about how an evil wizard tries to takeover Cornwall through magic and ridiculous clothing. He is challenged by a farmer who attract the King's attention by knocking off a giant that looks like The Incredible Colossal Man with a horn. There's a hot princess in the mix, who gets possessed by a demon and turns into Lady Gaga, and an annoying bottled leprechaun. Actually the story has a bit of intrigue but you get turned off by the lousy special effects and cheap sets. Game of Thrones this ain't, but a joke about it is part of the riffing.

You can also expect snide remarks like these:

As the princess is tucked into bed for a nap: Sleep now to the sound of the peasants gently starving to death.
After Jack kills the giant, and justifies the name of the movie: Bury me next to Gumby
The evil witches show up to steal the princess: We're looking for a fellow by the name of Pufnstuff
Pendragon, the Big Bad of the movie, makes his final assault: This movie is coming close to becoming a Meat Loaf album cover.

There's also snide remarks about Delta Airlines, Stevie Nicks, Waterworld, Keira Knightly, a callback to a previous Rifftrax short, and The Untouchables. Oh, and "seizing the bone" happens when Jack meets evil guards that move very slowly against him.

While the riffing for the main movie is pretty good, I really liked their reactions to a short called "What is Nothing?" It shows two kids to find the meaning of nothing, and we don't mean the number of viewers who watched Work It (Bosom Buddies II) on purpose. Expect riffs on Ellen DeGeneneres, David Lynch, and the "plot" to the last two seasons of Lost.

Extras include a slide show of how they prepared for the event, such as adding medieval stuff, plus lots of "fun facts" that seem accurate, such as who Amanda Seyfried's parents really are or movie lines that may or may not be fake.

You can get the new DVD, plus more, at It also has mp3s which express "opinions" about Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, just in time for The Avengers (which will be Rifftrax'ed, some how, some day).

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