Friday, March 23, 2012

ICWXP The Comic Book...Where MST3K Has Not Gone Before

Sure, it seems like nearly TV show has a comic book, or tried to make one.
Buffy, Angel, Fringe, True Blood, CSI, even F-Troop (but that was back in the 1960s).

So why not have the Incognito Cinema Warriors do the comic book thing? It would boldly go where Mystery Science Theater 3000 never did, and what I wish Cinematic Titanic would do to explain their premise before they went only to live shows.
Anyway, ICWXP, the Non-Motion Picture explains what happened between the end of season one, where the Ludovico Corporation put Dr. Blackwood to pasture (or in it), to season two, where Rick Wolf had to be freed from the Ultimate Cinema Torture machine.

I received the digital version, but it's just as enjoyable as the portable paper version...especially since reading it on tablets or iPads is a more modern version.

Besides, this introduction by Wolf is reason enough to get the comic book:

"I am Commander Rick Wolf of CORPS, and once, a very long time ago...I WAS A HIGHLANDER!
Okay, not really....but damn I can rock a kilt."

Actually, it's Rick battling zombies outside the Cine-a-Sorrow Theater somewhere near Kansas City with his riffing robots TopsyBot 5000 and Johnny Cylon. While they do so, they get some nice riffs down on everything including movies in general, Steve Jobs, Butch and Sundance, and Resident Evil. They also ask the age-old question, "What would Danny Trejo do?"

The art, done by Wolf, is quite good. It's almost like seeing Rick, TopsyBot and Cylon live and usually covered in zombie blood. He also co-wrote the story with Bethanie Woods.

So, what could spoil the glorious moment for our heroes? None other than Kincaid, who sadly won't be part of season two. Hopefully the comic book will explain why, but it looks like he's decided to help our heroes so he can kill them twice. He's clearly the son Pearl Forrester cloned from herself just after Mystery Science Theater 3000 closed up shop.

It looks like in issue two Cylon is Rick's only hope, while TopsyBot is out of commission. Yet, if you got the first season two DVD, which featured a boring Victory Gardens short, you know the bots do survive and save Rick from the "luxury bedpan recliner".
But how? We'll find out in issue two, which may be made if enough people buy issue one. After all, the comics biz ain't too much different from TV. One poorly-selling title and you're gone, Jack!

Visit to get your issue, plus their DVDs. They also have a new Kickstarter campaign to raise cash for new equipment. They're offering great premiums, including autographed posters and rare copies of the first DVD, Bride of the Gorilla, which looks a lot like the old MST.
So, check out Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, the Non-Motion Picture. It's Mike Nelson-approved. Really. It says so in the Lady Frankenstein DVD cover.


Anonymous said...

I loved the comic. It was epic and funny, a hard combination to pull off. A more enjoyable read than the original walked dead even.

mst3k4life said...

isn't it "luxury bedpan recliner"?

awesome review.

Impaler General said...

it could be "deadpan recliner", but for sake of accuracy, it's been fixed